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Baby’s Miraculous Survival in Rubble

The recent earthquake that struck Syria and Turkey has left a trail of destruction and devastation in its wake. The small town of Jinderis, located in the rebel-held enclave of northwest Syria, was particularly hard hit, with multiple buildings collapsed, including a five-story apartment building where a family was trapped. Amidst the rubble, a miraculous discovery was made, a crying baby whose mother appears to have given birth to her while buried under the debris.

The newborn girl, born in the collapsed building, was found with its umbilical cord still connected to her mother, Afraa Abu Hadiya, who was unfortunately found dead. The baby was the only member of her family to survive the disaster. According to Ramadan Sleiman, a relative, the baby was found in the afternoon, more than 10 hours after the earthquake struck.

The rescuers were shocked to find the baby in this state, with its body temperature having fallen and bruises on its body, including a large one on its back. However, despite the trauma, the baby is in stable condition, thanks to the quick thinking and actions of the rescuers. Dr. Hani Maarouf, the physician treating the baby, believes that she was born about three hours before being found, given how far her temperature had dropped.

The baby’s survival is a testament to the resilience of human life and the determination of those who worked tirelessly to rescue her. Her mother’s bravery and sacrifice will never be forgotten, as she gave her life to bring her daughter into this world, even in the most challenging and precarious circumstances.

Baby’s Miraculous Survival in Rubble

The earthquake, which had a magnitude of 7.8, was followed by multiple aftershocks, causing widespread destruction across southern Turkey and northern Syria. The death toll has exceeded 5,000, and the numbers are still rising, with more bodies being discovered. Jinderis, the town where the baby was rescued, was hard hit, with multiple buildings destroyed.

In another dramatic rescue on Monday evening, a toddler was pulled alive from the wreckage of a collapsed building. The video, captured by the White Helmets, the emergency service in the region, shows a rescuer vigilantly digging through crushed concrete and twisted metal until the little girl, named Nour, appears. The rescuers’ bravery and compassion are a beacon of hope in the midst of devastation.

As the survivors begin to rebuild their lives, the people of Jinderis and beyond will never forget the baby’s miraculous survival, a testament to the strength and resilience of human spirit. The baby’s story will serve as a reminder of the importance of continued aid and support to those affected by the earthquake.

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