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Former Tory MP Nadine Dorries Resigns

Nadine Dorries, the former British culture secretary and Mid Bedfordshire MP, has announced her decision to step down as a member of parliament at the next general election. This announcement comes as a shock, especially considering Dorries’ strong criticisms of her party’s decision to remove Boris Johnson as the UK’s prime minister.

In an interview on her new TalkTV show, Dorries expressed her disappointment and frustration with the party’s actions, stating that she can no longer remain a part of a group that has shown such poor leadership and cohesion. She specifically targeted Rishi Sunak, the current UK prime minister, and the government he leads, citing a lack of accountability and a continued focus on infighting.

Dorries’ resignation is a significant blow to the Conservative Party, considering her long history with the party and her influential role as a culture secretary during her time as an MP. Throughout her career, Dorries has been a vocal advocate for her party, and her decision to step down is a clear indication of her dissatisfaction with their current direction.

One of the primary issues that led to Dorries’ resignation is the party’s treatment of Boris Johnson, who was removed as prime minister despite securing a higher percentage of the vote share than Tony Blair in 1997. Dorries believes that this decision was a grave mistake and has led to a culture of infighting and instability within the party.

Nadine Dorries (Via Nadine Dorries/Twitter)

Furthermore, Dorries is critical of MPs who “bet everything on a Rishi bounce,” suggesting that they are attempting to capitalize on the current government’s popularity rather than focusing on substance and policy. She believes that this approach is short-sighted and will ultimately lead to the party’s downfall.

In her farewell announcement, Dorries expressed a sense of regret and exhaustion, stating that she has “loved the job” but can no longer continue in a party that has displayed such poor leadership. She is confident that once she leaves office, she can no longer be silenced or influenced by party politics.

The repercussions of Dorries’ resignation are far-reaching, as it highlights the significant divisions and tensions within the Conservative Party. Her departure may embolden other critics to speak out against the current government, potentially leading to further infighting and instability within the party.

As the UK enters a new period of political uncertainty, Nadine Dorries’ resignation serves as a clear warning that the current government is facing significant challenges and scrutiny. The Conservative Party must address these issues and find a way to restore cohesion and accountability within its ranks, lest they risk further loss of support and credibility.

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