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Gwyneth Paltrow: Skiing Accident TurnsInto Legal Battle

The trial surrounding the 2016 ski accident in Utah, which left retired optometrist Terry Sanderson with several broken ribs and severe brain injuries, has come to a close. At its center is Oscar-winning actress Gwyneth Paltrow, who has been accused of slamming into Sanderson during the incident, an allegation she denies. Paltrow claims that Sanderson crashed into her, causing her to lose half a day of skiing.

In his closing argument, Robert Sykes, representing Sanderson, acknowledged that Paltrow is a good person and a good mother, but emphasized that her version of events may not be accurate. Sykes pointed to the testimony of fellow skier Craig Ramon, who was an unbiased witness to the incident and described the impact as Sanderson colliding with Paltrow. Sykes also attacked the credibility of Paltrow’s ski instructor, Eric Christiansen, calling his evidence unbelievable and inconsistent and suggesting that there had been a cover-up by the Deer Valley resort over what happened.

Gwyneth Paltrow (Via Gwyneth Paltrow/Twitter)

Christiansen had told the court that Paltrow was skiing within her ability and that Sanderson was the one who collided with her. Sykes argued that Christiansen’s account was suspicious and that his statement was inconsistent with the testimony of other witnesses. Lawrence Buhler, also representing Sanderson, emphasized that the case is not about celebrity, but about a man’s life. He argued that the jury should award Sanderson damages of more than three million dollars, citing the severity of his injuries and the time and quality of life taken away from him.

The trial has been closely watched, with many following the drama surrounding Paltrow and the high-stakes litigation. However, the true focus of the case, as emphasized by Buhler, is the devastating impact of the accident on Sanderson’s life. As the jury deliberates, the outcome of the trial may have significant consequences for both parties, leaving many wondering what the final verdict will be.

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