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Pivotal Leadership Demands Strong Collective Stance

In a recent speech, former UK Prime Minister Liz Truss criticized French President Emmanuel Macron for seeking China’s help in ending the war in Ukraine during his recent visit to Beijing. She described the move as a sign of “weakness” and indicated that it was a mistake for western leaders to ask China to intervene in the conflict.

Truss emphasized that China’s authoritarian regime and its increasing military capabilities, including the “build-up of armaments” and “menacing” of Taiwan, pose a significant threat to Western values and interests. She underscored the importance of defending Western capitalism and freedoms, and warned that the West’s attempt to appease China would only lead to further aggression.

The former Prime Minister also criticized Macron’s statement suggesting that Taiwan is not of direct interest to Europe, arguing that it is crucial for Europe to support Taiwan’s defense. She emphasized that China is a totalitarian regime and that the West should not treat it as a global player.

Truss has been a vocal critic of China’s growing influence and its attempts to undermine Western values. She has advocated for a stronger collective stance against China’s aggression and has called for the UK and other Western nations to work together to protect their interests.

The former Prime Minister’s speech was delivered at the Heritage Foundation, a right-wing think tank in Washington, D.C. She was critical of Western leaders for visiting China and seeking its help in resolving conflicts, arguing that such moves are a sign of weakness.

UK Prime Minister Liz Truss (Via Liz Truss/Twitter)

Truss also criticized the size of the state in the US and UK, warning that they are becoming “social democracies by the backdoor.” She argued that the Western economic model is focused on redistributionism, stagnation, and woke culture, and that such a model is unsustainable.

Additionally, she criticized the OECD minimum tax agreement, describing it as a “global cartel of complacency.” She argued that it would lead to tax increases and stifle economic growth.

Truss acknowledged that her plans faced “co-ordinated resistance” from her own party, the British corporate establishment, the International Monetary Fund, and US President Joe Biden. However, she reiterated her commitment to her agenda and called for the UK government to take a stronger stance against China.

The speech was met with criticism from some quarters, with former US President Donald Trump criticizing Macron for his visit to China and calling him a “friend of mine” who is “kissing his (Xi Jinping’s) ass.” Trump also criticized President Biden for visiting Ireland, calling it a “crazy” move given the current global situation.

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