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Urgent Plea for Evacuation: Derry Teacher Trapped in War-Torn Khartoum Appeals to Irish Government for Help

As the conflict in Sudan rages on, a primary school teacher from Derry, who is currently living in the capital city of Khartoum, has pleaded with the Irish Government to increase its efforts to bring him and his family to safety. The 72-hour truce agreed upon by the Rapid Support Forces (RSF) seems to have been ignored, with reports of explosions and gunfire still echoing through the city.

Brian, who only wishes to be identified by his first name for his own safety, told RTÉ’s Morning Ireland that he and his family are currently living in their basement, where they have been spending most of their time. Despite the chaotic situation, Brian said that his 18-year-old daughter and 13-year-old son are “bearing up okay,” but are understandably anxious about the unfolding events.

As the situation in Khartoum continues to deteriorate, Brian emphasized the urgency of the situation, appealing to the Irish Government to take more decisive action to ensure their safety. With over 300 people killed in the fighting between the Sudanese army and the RSF, Brian’s call for evacuation is not an exaggeration.

The teacher’s concern is echoed by Dr. Osama Ali, general secretary of the Sudanese Community in Cork, who described the situation as a “full-blown war” rather than mere unrest between two parties. Dr. Ali, who has family in Khartoum, expressed his sadness at the destruction of areas he once knew, describing the city as being on the brink of utter destruction.

Derry Teacher Trapped in War-Torn Khartoum

As the international community struggles to respond to the crisis, the Irish Government’s efforts to evacuate Irish citizens from Sudan have been called into question. Brian said that his family has registered with the Irish Embassy in Kenya, which is aware of their desired outcome: to be removed from the conflict zone and evacuated to a safe location.

The Irish Government’s response to the crisis has been criticized as being inadequate, with some calling for more decisive action to be taken. The Independent TD and former Army ranger, Cathal Berry, was quoted as saying that efforts to evacuate Irish citizens from Sudan need to be “stepped up.”

As the people of Khartoum struggle to cope with the devastation, a group of medical professionals from Cork, including Dr. Osama Ali, have organized a solidarity event to raise awareness about the crisis. The event aims to urge the international community to take action to protect civilians and observe a ceasefire, allowing humanitarian agencies to provide aid to those in need.

As the situation in Sudan continues to unfold, it is clear that the conflict is not just an internal issue for the country, but has the potential to destabilize the entire region. The international community must act swiftly to address the crisis and alleviate the suffering of innocent civilians, including Brian and his family, who are caught in the midst of the chaos.

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