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Don Lemon: Veteran Host Sacked from Cable Network

Don Lemon, a long-time anchor at CNN, is no longer with the cable news network, less than two months after apologizing to viewers for his on-air comments about Republican presidential candidate Nikki Haley. The exact reason for his departure remains unclear, as CNN refused to provide a public explanation. However, on his Twitter account, Lemon described the news as a surprise and characterized his termination as a “firing.” He had appeared on his show, CNN This Morning, that morning, but was informed by his agent shortly after 12 pm Eastern time that he had been let go.

Lemon had been with CNN for 17 years, and his departure comes as a shock to fans and colleagues alike. In a statement, CNN chairman Chris Licht praised Lemon’s contributions to the network, saying that he will “forever be a part of the CNN family.” Licht also wished Lemon well in his future endeavors, but stopped short of providing a clear reason for the split.

The exact circumstances surrounding Lemon’s exit are still unclear, but it is evident that his comments about Haley’s age sparked a heated debate. During an on-air discussion about the ages of politicians, Lemon referred to 51-year-old Haley as not being “in her prime.” He claimed that a woman is considered in her prime only in her 20s, 30s, and maybe her 40s. His co-host, Poppy Harlow, challenged him to clarify what he meant, asking if he was referring to prime for childbearing or being president. Lemon responded by saying he was simply stating facts.

Don Lemon (Via Don Lemon/Twitter)

The controversy surrounding Lemon’s comments was further exacerbated when Haley herself called them sexist and used them to fundraise. Lemon subsequently issued a statement apologizing for his “inartful and irrelevant” comments, but returned to the show without mentioning the incident or issuing a further apology.

The incident sparked a larger conversation about sexism and ageism in the media, with some critics accusing Lemon of perpetuating harmful stereotypes. The fallout from the incident led to formal training for Lemon, but the specifics of the training were not made public. In the end, Lemon’s departure from CNN has left fans and colleagues wondering what could have been done to salvage his relationship with the network.

Throughout his time at CNN, Lemon had been a respected and popular figure, known for his sharp wit and incisive reporting. His exit from the network is a significant loss for fans of the channel and a potentially damaging blow to CNN’s reputation. As the dust settles on this controversy, it remains to be seen what the future holds for Lemon and the network he called home for 17 years.

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