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Women’s Rights Advocate Joins Labour’s Reform Efforts

Marina Wheeler, a renowned barrister and former spouse of Boris Johnson, is set to assume the position of Labour’s “whistleblowing tsar”, bringing her expertise in employment law to the table. This appointment is a significant step towards strengthening employment rights, particularly for women, and creating a more supportive environment in the workplace. Labour is making a concerted effort to safeguard women from abusive colleagues, with Wheeler’s involvement expected to be instrumental in shaping the party’s proposals.

One of the key reforms Labour is proposing is to grant women subjected to harassment at work “whistleblower” status, allowing them to report complaints without fear of retribution. This move is seen as a major leap towards a more equitable and respectful work environment, where women feel empowered to speak out against harassment and assault without fear of retaliation. Wheeler has emphasized the importance of protecting women from abusive colleagues, stating that women in the workplace “too often suffer sexual harassment and assault and they pay a heavy price for speaking out”. She highlighted the fact that many women suffer in silence due to the fear of losing their jobs.

In addition to these reforms, Labour is also seeking to give common-law wives who live with their partners the same rights as married women, including property rights, in the event their relationship ends. This is a significant step towards achieving equality for all women, regardless of their marital status.

Marina Wheeler (Via Marina Wheeler/Twitter)

Shadow Attorney General Emily Thornberry is set to outline Labour’s plans at the party’s annual conference in Liverpool, emphasizing the difference between the Tory government’s claims to care about women’s rights and Labour’s actual delivery of such rights. Thornberry will stress the need for stronger employment rights to protect women from harassment and assault, as well as create a more supportive environment in which women can thrive.

The current whistleblowing law in the UK only applies in specific scenarios, such as potential miscarriages of justice or criminal wrongdoing. However, Labour’s proposed reforms aim to address this loophole by providing greater protections for women and allowing them to come forward with complaints without fear of retaliation. Wheeler’s expertise in employment law will be invaluable in shaping Labour’s proposals and ensuring that women are adequately protected.

Marina Wheeler’s appointment as Labour’s “whistleblowing tsar” marks a significant milestone in the party’s efforts to create a more just and respectful work environment for women. With her expertise in employment law, Wheeler is poised to play a crucial role in shaping Labour’s proposed reforms, which aim to provide women with greater protections against harassment and assault and create a more supportive environment in which they can thrive. The UK government’s current approach to whistleblowing law has created a loophole that allows personal grievances, such as bullying, harassment, and discrimination, to go unreported. Labour’s proposed reforms seek to address this issue and provide a safer and more secure environment for women in the workplace.

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