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Tens of Thousands Celebrate Romanian Nationhood

Tens of thousands of people turned out in Romania’s capital city, Bucharest, to watch a grand military parade to mark the country’s national day. The annual event, held at the Arc de Triomphe, brought together thousands of marching soldiers, dozens of combat jets, and helicopters flying overhead. The crowd was filled with people waving Romanian tricolor flags of red, yellow, and blue, celebrating the 105th anniversary of Great Union Day of 1918. On this day, modern-day Romania was formed after its unification with neighboring regions of Transylvania, Bessarabia, and Bukovina.

The parade was a grand celebration of Romanians coming together from all over the country, regardless of their location. Romania’s President Klaus Iohannis described the day as a holiday that emphasizes national unity, reconnecting Romanians to the spirit of their unification. He noted that the day commemorates the culture, traditions, and the great crossroads of Romania’s history, when only through solidarity and unity did the country overcome insurmountable difficulties.

The US Department of State also joined in the celebration, congratulating Romania on its leadership within the Nato alliance, which strengthens collective security, especially in the Black Sea region. The state department emphasized that future cooperation between the US and Romania will continue to grow brighter. Since the Russian invasion of Ukraine, Romania has played an increasingly prominent role in the alliance, hosting a Nato meeting of foreign ministers in November 2022 and inaugurating an international training hub for F-16 jet pilots from Nato countries and other partners, including Ukraine.

Romania’s President Klaus Iohannis (Via Klaus Iohannis/Twitter)

Romania’s important role in the Nato alliance has made it a significant player in regional security. The country has been a member of Nato since 2004 and has played an active role in promoting regional stability. The recent Nato meeting of foreign ministers held in Romania demonstrates the country’s commitment to regional security and cooperation. The inauguration of the international training hub for F-16 jet pilots from Nato countries and other partners, including Ukraine, has further emphasized Romania’s role as a key player in promoting regional security.

The grand military parade in Bucharest marked the 105th anniversary of Great Union Day, celebrating Romania’s national unity and its important role in the Nato alliance. The country’s leadership and cooperation with other nations have made it a significant player in regional security, and its commitment to promoting regional stability will continue to be an important aspect of its foreign policy.

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