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Harry and Meghan Should Be Allowed Room

Ndileka Mandela, the granddaughter of former South African president Nelson Mandela, believes that the Duke and Duchess of Sussex should be given the freedom to express their thoughts and concerns about their lives in the British royal family. Mandela made these comments during an appearance on the BBC’s Sunday With Laura Kuenssberg programme, where she discussed the recent row surrounding the couple’s unborn baby and the perceived racism within the royal family.

Mandela drew parallels between Harry and Meghan’s situation and her own grandfather’s experiences in fighting against colonialism and apartheid in South Africa. She emphasized that her grandfather’s decision to choose his own path and defy convention allowed him to create a better future for himself and his family, and that the royal family should acknowledge its involvement in colonialism and consider reparations.

Mandela was quoted as saying, “I believe that Harry and Meghan had to find their own voice, in a similar way that granddad had to find his own voice when he had to run away from an arranged marriage. So they should be given, like any other person, room to voice out whatever their misgivings are.” She also emphasized the importance of acknowledging the past and allowing for healing to take place, stating, “If you sit around the table and admit your part, both parties admit their part in the dissolution of whatever it is that happened, it is then that healing begins.”

Prince Harry and Meghan (Via Prince Harry and Meghan/Twitter)

Mandela’s comments came in response to a recent controversy surrounding the book “Endgame”, which alleged that senior members of the royal family expressed concerns about the potential skin color of Harry and Meghan’s son, Archie, before he was born. While the English version of the book did not specify who made these comments, the Dutch version named two senior royals who allegedly discussed the matter, leading to a global outcry.

Mandela also spoke about the need for the royal family to acknowledge its role in colonialism and consider reparations. She stated, “I think it starts with acknowledging before reparations. If there can be an acknowledgment of what was done to countries that were colonised because we are still suffering a great deal from colonisation in as far as our culture as black people is concerned.” She emphasized that acknowledgment must come before reparations, and that both parties must admit their part in the past before healing can begin.

In response to Mandela’s views, historian Andrew Roberts disagreed, stating that no king has owned slaves since Charles II and that it is up to Prince Harry to quell the race row by denying the allegations and stating that his family is not racist. However, Mandela’s comments highlight the ongoing need for the royal family to address its complex and problematic history, particularly in regards to colonialism and racism.

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