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Friendship or Romance? Jennie and Lee Joo Hyung Spark Dating Speculations

Following a recent Instagram update, rumors have ignited about a possible relationship between Lee Joo Hyung and Jennie. This comes after reports of Jennie’s breakup with BTS idol V. Fans are curious about the cause of their split and whether Jennie has moved on with the model and actor Lee Joo Hyung.

The rumored reason behind Jennie and V’s breakup is his enlistment in the South Korean military. However, fans are more focused on Jennie’s potential new relationship with Lee Joo Hyung.

Lee Joo Hyung is a South Korean actor and model known for his role in “Parasite.” He recently celebrated his 28th birthday on December 2. His acting credits include “Tomorrow’s Cantabile” and “Madame Antoine: The Love Therapist.” Despite his parents’ wish for him to pursue music, Lee Joo Hyung found success in modeling and acting.

Jennie posted selfies with Lee Joo Hyung, fueling relationship speculations.

Jennie, a member of Blackpink, is known for her rap skills and charming smile. She will turn 28 next month and has been a part of YG Entertainment’s girl group, Blackpink, alongside Jisoo, Lisa, and Rose. Jennie’s solo career includes the successful single “You & Me,” released this year, and her acting debut in “The Idol.”

The dating rumors started after Jennie attended Lee Joo Hyung’s 28th birthday party. They spent time together on his special day, sparking speculation about their relationship. However, these rumors seem to be unfounded. Neither Jennie nor Lee Joo Hyung has confirmed any romantic involvement.

Fans are divided, some defending their friendship, others questioning Jennie’s actions.

Attending a birthday party does not prove a romantic relationship. Jennie also attended Lee Joo Hyung’s birthday party last year, suggesting a long-standing friendship.

Jennie and Lee Joo Hyung are considered best friends in the Korean entertainment industry. The speculation arose after Jennie posted a birthday message and selfies with Lee Joo Hyung, leading to assumptions about their relationship. However, their attire and interactions appeared more like a friendly outing.

Some fans appreciate Jennie and Lee Joo Hyung’s friendship, while others have posted harsh comments, questioning Jennie’s relationship. Jennie’s fans, known as Blinks, defended her, emphasizing that men and women can be friends.

Jennie and Lee Joo Hyung’s interactions suggest a strong but platonic bond.

In conclusion, Jennie and Lee Joo Hyung are not dating. They share a close friendship and have not been romantically involved. This situation is unrelated to Jennie’s breakup with V, and the two events should not be conflated.

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