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US Rejects Gaza Ceasefire Amid Humanitarian Crisis

The United States has exercised its veto power at the United Nations Security Council to block a resolution calling for an immediate humanitarian ceasefire in Gaza. The move has been widely condemned by the international community, which has witnessed a devastating Israeli military campaign that has left over 17,400 people dead and more than 46,000 wounded in Gaza.

Palestinian civilians are facing a “humanitarian nightmare” according to UN Secretary-General Antonio Guterres, who invoked Article 99 of the UN Charter to raise the alarm over the threat to international peace and security. Guterres warned of a “humanitarian catastrophe” in Gaza, where desperate people are at risk of starvation, and urged the Security Council to demand a humanitarian ceasefire.

Guterres condemned the Israeli military campaign, saying that it was a “threat to international peace and security” and that the Israeli military is committing “grave breaches of international humanitarian law”. He also criticized Hamas for its rocket fire into Israel, which he said was “indiscriminate and violates the laws of war”. However, Guterres emphasized that this did not justify the collective punishment of the Palestinian people and that humanitarian law prohibits the targeting of civilians.

The UN Secretary-General detailed the devastating impact of the Israeli military campaign on Gaza, citing the destruction of 339 education facilities, 26 hospitals, 56 healthcare facilities, 88 mosques, and three churches. He also reported that over 60% of Gaza’s housing has been destroyed or damaged, and that 85% of the population has been forced from their homes.

US Rejects Gaza Ceasefire Amid Humanitarian Crisis

The move by the US to veto the resolution has been criticized by Arab nations and Turkey, who have urged the US to drop its opposition to a ceasefire. However, the US has rejected calls for a ceasefire, citing its concerns over Hamas’s Oct 7 attack on Israel, which killed over 1,200 people, mostly civilians.

In a rare move, the UN Secretary-General invoked Article 99 of the UN Charter, which allows him to raise threats to international peace and security, to warn the Security Council of a “humanitarian catastrophe” in Gaza. Despite this, the US and Israel remain opposed to a ceasefire, citing concerns over Hamas’s actions and the need to eliminate the group’s capabilities.

The humanitarian crisis in Gaza has sparked widespread outrage and condemnation, with many countries calling for an immediate ceasefire. However, the US veto has derailed efforts to bring about a ceasefire, leaving Palestinians in Gaza facing a dire humanitarian situation.

The rejection of the ceasefire resolution has also been criticized by countries such as Jordan, which has accused Israel of committing war crimes and threatening to destabilize the region. The US has been urged to reconsider its stance and to work towards finding a peaceful solution to the crisis.

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