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Fossil Fuel Funders Face Protesters Fury

Climate activists in the Netherlands are taking to the streets to condemn the financing of fossil fuels by major corporations, and Amsterdam is the latest city to witness a blockade. Dozens of Extinction Rebellion protesters gathered near the former headquarters of ING bank, a major player in the global banking industry, to demonstrate against the institution’s continued funding of fossil fuel exploration and extraction.

The protest was peaceful, with hundreds of activists walking onto the road, carrying signs and chanting slogans. One of the banners read “Change or Die,” while another demanded that ING “Get Out of Oil and Gas Now.” The protesters were detained by police towards the end of the afternoon, after ignoring orders to disperse and end the blockade.

The Amsterdam Municipality closed part of the busy ring road, diverting traffic to prevent what they claimed was a “life-threatening situation.” Meanwhile, police vans drove slowly behind the protesters, a gesture that seemed to suggest a measured and controlled response. However, the protesters’ actions were met with criticism from the authorities, who claimed that the blockade was “undesirable” and causing disruptions to the city’s traffic and local healthcare services.

The protest was staged just a week after nearly 200 countries agreed to phase out fossil fuels at the Cop28 climate meeting in Dubai, a move praised by many as a significant step towards addressing the climate crisis. However, environmental activists like Extinction Rebellion are calling for more drastic action to be taken, and are pushing banks like ING to stop financing fossil fuels immediately.

Get Out of Oil and Gas Now

ING’s announcement that it was accelerating its plans to phase out loans for fossil fuel exploration was seen as a positive step by some, but activists argue that the rate of change is too slow. According to protesters, every day, people are dying around the world due to the climate and ecological crisis, and urgent action is needed to address the issue.

In the past, protests against ING’s fossil fuel financing have been met with force by the authorities, with police using water cannons to disperse protesters and arresting hundreds of people. However, today’s protest remained peaceful, with no reports of violence or clashes between protesters and police.

As the climate crisis continues to dominate global headlines, the actions of Extinction Rebellion and like-minded groups are garnering attention and inspiring change. Whether through peaceful protests, boycotts, or other forms of activism, the movement is sending a clear message to governments and corporations: it’s time for a fundamental shift away from fossil fuels and toward a sustainable, renewable energy future.

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