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Actor Kim Woo Bin Makes Generous New Year Donations

Actor Kim Woo Bin ushers in a meaningful new year with acts of charity. On January 1st, Seoul Asan Hospital announced his donation of 100 million won ($77,000) to support medical expenses for patients from underprivileged backgrounds.

Kim Woo Bin’s commitment to philanthropy spans over a decade, beginning with anonymous donations in 2014. His annual contributions have focused on covering surgery costs for children battling cancer. Last year, he responded promptly to flood devastation by donating another 100 million won, demonstrating his proactive approach to aiding those in need.

His generosity extends to broader crises as well. In 2020, amidst the COVID-19 pandemic, Kim Woo Bin contributed $77,000 towards relief efforts. Additionally, he allocated funds to assist victims affected by wildfires along the East Coast of Korea.

Kim Woo Bin donates 100 million won to support hospital treatment costs.

Officials have praised Kim Woo Bin’s consistent charitable efforts, noting his steadfast dedication to making a positive impact on society. He continues to serve as an inspirational figure and role model through his ongoing philanthropic initiatives.

Currently, Kim Woo Bin is immersed in his role in the upcoming Netflix movie ‘Military Prosecutor Doberman.’ He also anticipates the release of ‘Alien + People Part 2’ on January 10th, a film in which he stars prominently. Furthermore, he is gearing up for an upcoming project under the renowned writer Kim Eun-sook, titled ‘Everything Will Come True.’

Kim Woo Bin’s Upcoming projects include Netflix’s ‘Military Prosecutor Doberman’ and ‘Alien + People Part 2’.

As Kim Woo Bin balances his acting career with philanthropy, his contributions to both the entertainment industry and humanitarian causes underscore his multifaceted dedication and compassion.

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