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Red Velvet’s “Bad Boy” Music Video Surpasses 400 Million Views

On February 2, Red Velvet achieved a significant milestone as their music video for “Bad Boy” surpassed 400 million views on YouTube. This accomplishment marks the group’s first-ever video to reach this impressive view count.

Originally released on January 29, 2018, “Bad Boy” served as the title track for Red Velvet’s second full-length album repackage, titled ‘The Perfect Red Velvet’. Over six years, the video steadily gained popularity among fans worldwide, contributing to its eventual milestone.

Fans and the music industry alike are celebrating Red Velvet’s achievement, acknowledging the video’s enduring popularity and the group’s global fanbase. Achieving 400 million views solidifies Red Velvet’s status as one of the leading K-pop groups in the international music scene.

The success of “Bad Boy” underscores Red Velvet’s ability to resonate with a diverse audience through their music and visuals. As they continue to expand their influence globally, fans eagerly anticipate future milestones and new music from the talented group.

Released in 2018, the video showcases enduring global popularity over the years.

Red Velvet’s accomplishment with “Bad Boy” not only highlights their sustained popularity but also positions them as trailblazers in the K-pop industry. Their ability to connect with fans through compelling music videos remains a hallmark of their success

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