Cobra Kai Season 3 New Trailer Confirmed its Release Date

If you have been a fan of the original Karate Kid movies then Cobra Kai is the right series for you, filled with action and drama the show shot up easily in Netflix’s Top 10 List. The show was first originally premiered on YouTube Premium and was later picked up by Netflix at the end of August and was a great hit among the people who wanted to relive the nostalgia of the 80’s movie. Cobra Kai posed as the perfect reboot for the classic and currently has two seasons which you can watch on Netflix

Credits: Netflix

The show focuses on the grown-up version of Daniel LaRusso and the bull Johnny Lawrence as they both grow older and teach karate to a new generation of kids in their own dojos. Their rivalry has grown bigger these past 30 years and overtaken their sense of better judgment.

The show focuses only on the original trilogy which is also referenced with flashback clips from the movie. Many characters have returned and come across in the two seasons of Cobra Kai such as Daniel’s mother and Johnny’s buddies from school. There have been rumors that Ali, the ex-girlfriend of both Daniel and Johnny is set to make a return in the show, as the season two finale saw a friend request from her appear on Johnny’s phone followed by him tossing it away in a drunken rage not realizing that his high-school sweetheart might just try to win him back or least reconnect.

What can we expect in season 3?

The new trailer shows LaRusso and Lawrence putting aside their differences and teaming up to save the Cobra Kai team. They must fight the original antagonist of the 1984 movie John Kreese, who has taken over the Cobra Kai dojo promoting the “no mercy” philosophy to the students. They both must work together to defeat Kreese and save Cobra Kai together like Tango and Cash.

Credits: Netflix

The new trailer also shows the recovery of the injured Miguel who was put into a coma in the season 2 finale. Johnny works with him to train him to learn to walk again. The return of the characters from the original series include Chozen Toguchi who is an antagonist from the original Karate Kid part 2 and Daniel’s old love interest Kumiko played by Tamlyn Tomita also to return

Creators and cast of Cobra Kai

The show is written and produced by Jon Hurwitz, Josh Heald, and Hayden Schlossberg through Counterbalance Entertainment. James Lassiter, Caleeb Pinkett, and Will Smith executively produce for Overbrook Entertainment with Susan Ekins of Sony Pictures. The show is also co-produced by Macchio and Zabka.

The cast includes Ralph Macchio who plays Daniel LaRusso and William Zabka who plays Johnny Larence. They were also in the original Karate Kid franchise. Miguel is played by Xolo Mariduena and Kumiko by Tamlyn Tomita.

When can we expect Cobra Kai Season 3?

Netflix announced that the new season will be released on January 8, 2021. Cobra Kai was also renewed for its season 4 in October 2020, so we are bound to expect more to the story and characters in the show.