Grand Army Season 2 Confirmed? New Season Under Production

Today we will talk about one of the amassing dramas, ‘Grand Army’ season 2. It is a Netflix drama for teens. It has not been too late that the first season has come out. Since its release, the teens have been quite impressed by this drama. It is one of the latest dramas that have been released on Netflix. We are here to reveal to you everything that we know so far about the release of Grand Army Season 2.

Initially, all the teens who have been fond of the Grand Army had this question on their minds whether there will be any season 2 of this drama. Hold on; you will soon get to know! The story of the drama has been set in the city of New York. This series of drama gives its viewers an honest and raw view of being a teenager in the present world. This drama has followed five highschoolers: Joey, the outspoken feminist, played by Odessa A’zion; Dom, an A grade student, played by Odley Jean. Sid, a popular jock, played by Amir Bageria, Jay, a musical genius, played by Maliq Johnson, last but not least Leila, a new girl, played by Amalia Yoo.

grand army season 2


Grand Army first started on the 16th of October. The school depicted in the series was Brooklyn’s Largest Public School. The story of this teen drama has been inspired by one of Cappiello’s play that was named ‘Slut: The Play.’ Initially, the series had only nine episodes. There have been two producers of this series, namely, Joshua Donen and Beau Willimon. Westward has handled the entire production of this series. Fans have been highly counting on the release of season 2 of this series as the first season left a lot of questions unanswered. There were a lot of photo sessions for the first season.

Grand Army season 2 Release Date

Fans expect to hear about the release of Grand Army Season 2 soon. The announcement is taking a little time, but soon it will be announced. But we have come up with good news for the ones who have been thinking that season 2 might have been canceled! As per the calculations, by the month of October in the year 2021, we will get to see season 2 of the Grand Army. However, the exact date of release has not been mentioned yet. The pandemic has caused much delay for the series to get released. If the series gets more delayed, then season 2 might come out by the year 2022. However, nothing can be said to be confirmed.

Just like its date of release, the cast for season 2 cannot be said exactly. But we can expect to have at least the main characters of the series that were also seen in the first season to come back. Other than the main characters, there might be some addition of extra characters, but we cannot say anything clearly right now. To talk about the plot of the story, it has left many unanswered questions in the morning and if the viewers. Therefore, there is a lot that season 2 can show us. To be expected, the story might show Dom balancing both her school as well as internship along with her relationship with John. On the other hand, we have seen in season 1 that Sid has entered into his new college, Harvard. So, we can expect that season 2 will show us Sid’s journey in his new college.

We might also find how Leila sends unknown emails to threaten her school that she would explode the whole school with a bomb. You see, there is so much that can happen in season 2 of Grand Army. Also, there has not been any official trailer yet. We would soon update you about any other announcements when there are any. Till then, you can definitely go through our previous articles.

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