Fast and Furious 9 Release Date Inches Closer

It is that time of the year when everyone is curious to know the “release date of fast and furious.” So, yes, Fast and Furious 9 would soon hit the Box office. The Fast and Furious saga started in 2001; The movie was based on streetcar racing. Whereas Vin Diesel as Dominic Toretto is the protagonist who enjoys street car racing and is treated like a Rockstar by his fans. 

Release date of F9 saga

Paul’s last ride

In the movie, Dominic encounters Johnny Tran and to compete with him. Dom decides to train Brain, who is starred by Paul walker. This is the part where Paul started his journey in Fast and Furious.

 Although he could only be a part of Fast and Furious 7. As Paul fell in his demise on 30th November 2013. His soul departed in a car accident. Paul and his friend drove to witness Typhoon Haiyan, which was one of the most disastrous tropical cyclones ever recorded. Paul’s car crashed into a pole and immediately caught fire.

Paul died out of trauma, and his body was burnt beyond recognition. Although Paul is not with us, his work still breathes. As it is well said, an artist never dies.

See you again

After Paul Walker’s demise, the whole cast was disheartened. In one of the interviews, Wind Diesel stated that he visited Paul’s mother on the day after the crash. He flew to Atlanta, and he couldn’t offer any condolences to his mother. 

Fast and Furious 9

Diesel mentioned, when he said, I am sorry to Paul’s mother; She replied, don’t be sorry; Just love those who breathe. That’s the only way you can make Paul happy. Paul’s mother even shared some words of wisdom with Diesel’s mother; 

She said, “love you, children! Just love your children.”

While accepting Generation Award at MTV Movie & TV Awards, Wind Diesel pays tribute to Paul Walker by saying, whenever he talks about Fast and furious, he can’t resist talking about his late brother Paul.

Fast and Furious 7, featured an emotional song by Whiz Khalifa and Charley Puth called “see you again” is dedicated to Paul Walker. FF9 is the second fast and furious movie after Paul’s demise.


Fast and Furious9 is a sequel extension of FF7 2017. Dominic Toretto starred by Wind Diesel, and his crew joins forces to arrest the proficient assassin and high-performance driver.

However, it would be a final part of the FF movie saga. As the Returning director, Justin Lin, officially confirms, the movie was “officially finished.”

The trailer of F9 saga suggests Dom’s brother Jakob is the villain; However, at the end of the trailer Han (Sung Kang) strolls back into Dom’s life. Whereas, it seems like Letty knew that Han was alive. Although Han was dead, the trailer surprised everyone when Han makes his entry by saying, “nice clubhouse.”

Release date of F9 saga

Fast and Furious 9 Release Date

Most of the main characters are back for the Fast and Furious 9. That is Vin Diesel as Dom, Michelle Rodriguez as Letty, Chris ‘Ludacris’ Bridges as Tej and Tyrese Gibson as Roman; Including all others.

Mia Dom’s sister was not a part of FF8, but she is back now who is married to Brain. However, Brain was starred by Paul Walker, and now the character is to be starred by Paul’s brother Coby. The movie is expected to end with a 10th part, which would be a series, and Lin would be directing the Last Ride 

Fast and Furious 9 will be releasing on 2nd April 2021.