Shahid Kapoor Wraps ‘Jersey’ Shoot Pens an Emotional Note

Shahid Kapoor finally wraps up the shooting of Jersey which was resumed in the middle of the COVID-19 pandemic. Consecutively for the last 47 days, the actor was taking pictures for the movie. After the final pack up, Shahid posted a sweet and heartwarming note on his Instagram profile which won millions of hearts in just seconds.

Shahid Kapoor posted this picture on his Instagram profile where he is seen searching for something in an open and dark stadium. Probably he was trying to find himself in those deserted stands and he found this ambiance perfect as no one was there to break his mental peace. Or, he was just enjoying the sense of relief.

There are hidden gems for everyone in this world. Only those get it who have the courage and willpower to go and find it. When everything stopped amid the coronavirus pandemic, life seemed miserable. A few, a few too few could curve their way out of such a life-threatening maze.

Shahid was surely one of them. In his little note, he seems grateful to those who believed in him and did exactly what was needed to be done because it was their job.

Shahid stated, ” I want to thank each and everyone from the unit for coming to set every day, putting themselves at risk, and doing what we all love doing”. In this statement, Shahid gives us a valuable lesson that no matter what happens or what the situation is, we all should do or keep doing what we love. One day you will achieve something more than just money and fame, which is peace.

Being an artist he did his job nicely and delicately- reminding others of their job, ” Telling stories that touch hearts and make a difference.” It’s a divine duty of an artist to do something that inspires hearts, influences people to be godly, and changes society for the betterment of everyone. The touch of insight and intellect surely makes the note of Shahid inspiring for many.

He described how much he is inspired by the story of Jersey. It’s the story of Phoenix, which we all know takes birth from its ashes. But when we look deeper into the fact we will see that it’s all about the inevitable spirit that we all have in us.

Shahid confesses that it was this sense of spirit that connected him with the film more intensely. It’s universally acknowledged that when vibes match great things are bound to happen. Maybe Shahid indirectly tried to enlighten this fact too.

The ending of his note shows how spirited he is. “This shall pass too”- here he seems more philosopher than just an actor. He speaks the truth of life here. Nothing is forever and everything changes after a certain period. And it proves that time is the only powerful thing in the world. This sweet note made his devotees more eager about his upcoming movie.