Bofuri Season 2 Netflix Release Date Update – Streaming Giant Hints New Season

Animes are popular all over the world. Netflix was convinced to stream animes on their platform because of the huge popularity of the animes. Bofuri is one of the popular animes that has created so much publicity upon its release. Now people are waiting for the release date of the upcoming season. Bofuri is a very popular series directed by Shin Onuma and Mirai Minato under Silver Link studios. This anime is basically on a Japanese light novel series. In this anime, there is a girl named Kaede Honjo who started to play online games and she found herself getting better at it. She developed new skills. She chooses Maple as her online gaming name or username. After using her new gaming skills and getting very high points in the tournaments, she started to make her own defense categories.

Season 1 was released from 8 January 2020 to 25 March 2020. Fumihiko Shimo was the writer. Season 1 of Bofuri consists of a total of 12 episodes. Season1 has a gaming-based storyline but it will be very interesting to know season 2 as it will be definitely very different from its first season. In season 2, there can be more adventures of Maple that will keep attracting the fans towards the series. It will be amazing to know about the developments in her game. Obviously, season 1 ended with a thriller and suspense, and only Bofuri season 2 can end that wait.

Bofuri Season 2 Release Date:

Bofuri season 2 will be coming soon. But, the release date of Bofuri season 2 has not been confirmed. The official team of Bofuri will announce the release date of season 2 on Twitter very soon. The earlier release date of the upcoming season was at the end of 2020 but it was pushed. The release of next season was delayed because of the global pandemic, the coronavirus outbreak that has affected almost everything in the world. The production team is back after the break. The upcoming season of the series can be released in or around sometime in 2021.

The next season will also be streaming on Netflix just like the first.

Fans are waiting with great eagerness for the second season of Bofuri.

The trailer of Bofuri Season 2:

The trailer for the upcoming season of Bofuri is out. The production team released the trailer of the second season on Youtube.

Here’s a preview of the official trailer of season2.


The second season of Bofuri is basically going to deal with the adventures of Maple which is the gaming name. She has turned into a new shield member in the online game which she used to play by developing better skills. The next part will revolve around the improvement of Maple’s capacity to stay in the game as well as her proficiency in the game. The previous season ended with twists and suspense for the fans which created excitement among the fans. Fans can see the journey of Maple emerging as a better gamer.

Bofuri includes Kaede Honjō also known as Maple, who is the leading character in the series. A voice-over for this role is given by Kaeda Honda. Similarly, Britteny Karbowski both are giving a voice-over for Kanade in English and also in Japanese and many others are giving their voices for other characters.