Watch ‘Lovestruck In The City’ on Netflix and Kakao TV – Episode Schedule

Today we will talk about an upcoming Korean drama, ‘Lovestruck in The City.’ The drama is originally going to get released on Kakao TV. For its worldwide streaming, it will also get released on the biggest streaming network, Netflix. Despite the short drama, it is divided into multiple parts, just like the series. Now, this series is named ‘City Couple’s Way of Love.’

The drama depicts the true love story of two young people that live in a complex city. The director of this Korean drama is Park Shin-woo. Jeong Hyeon-Jeong and Jung Da-Hyun write the story of the drama. The production company for the drama is Story and Pictures Media. Moreover, there are a total of 12 episodes that will be released one by one with some day’s gap in between. The Korean drama, ‘Lovestruck in the city,’ will start getting released on and from Tuesday, 22nd December 2020. We will tell you all the details related to the schedule of episodes. Read further to know more!

Lovestruck In The City release date

Lovestruck in the city: Episode schedule

The 12 episodes of the romantic drama are scheduled on different dates. According to these dates, the episodes will get released on Kakao TV and Netflix. Also, the episodes will be released on both platforms on the same date. The dates of the episodes are as follow:

The first episode of ‘Lovestruck in the city’ will be released on 22nd December in 2020. The second episode will be released on the 25thof December 2020. On 29th December, the third episode will be released. The fourth episode will release on 1st January 2021. The fifth episode will release on 5th January 2021. On 8th January, the sixth episode will be released. The seventh episode will come out on 12th January 2021. The eighth episode will get released on 15th January 2021. The ninth episode is coming out on 19th January 2021. On 22nd January, the tenth episode will get released. On the other hand, the eleventh episode will be released on 26th January 2021. Finally, the twelfth episode is coming out on 29th January 2021.

Therefore, the episodes will start getting released from 22nd December 2020 and will continue till 29th January 2021. The episodes of the series will get released every Tuesday and Friday. The runtime will be shorter, that is, for 30 minutes only.

Lovestruck in the city: Cast

The cast for the Korean drama series ‘Lovestruck in the city’ is confirmed. JiChang-Wook will be seen playing the role of an architect named ParkJae-won. KimMin-Seok will play the role of ChoiKyung-Joon. KimJi-won will be seen as YoonSun-ah / LeeEun-oh. Furthermore, the role of SeoRin-yi will be played by SoJoo-Yeon. HanJi-Eun will play the role of OhSun-young. RyuKyung-soo will play the role of Kang Geon. Also, there is a special appearance of ChoiMin-ho. He will be seen in the role of a police officer named OhDong-Sik.

So, finally, here comes some good news for the K-drama fans! You can watch all episodes of the latest series on Netflix as well as Kakao TV. The series, ‘Lovestruck in the city’ is going to start getting released from 22nd December this year. You can watch new episodes every Tuesday and Friday. Till then, go through our previous articles about some other exciting releases!

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