Kkondae Intern Season 2 Release Date – MBC Networks’ Renewal of KDrama

Here we are, with another update on a K- Drama on Netflix! We will tell you about the release of the second season of Kkondae Intern. It is a Korean office drama series. First, this series has been featured in May 2020. The series was released on the network of MBC in July 2020. Kkondae Intern is adapted from a winning script of the MBC network’s writing contest in 2018. There are a total of 24 episodes in the drama series.

The series contains a lot of fun elements. Hence, Kkondae Intern has received many good ratings from fans as well as critics. Season 1 of the drama has a successful runtime that makes the viewers crib for more episodes. The viewers are eagerly waiting to know about Kkondae Intern Season 2.

Kkondae Intern season 2

Season 1 of this K-drama has ended in July 2020 on Netflix. However, after the series ended, there was a special episode of 100-minute. This was the last time that there was an update from the producers. The first season has received enough positive responses from its viewers. Thus, we can expect a sequel for this show. Moreover, Kkondae Intern is ranked among the highest-rated dramas in the particular time slot. Here’s what we know about this drama’s season 2!

Kkondae Intern Season 2 Release Date

Recently the first season is aired in the mid of the year 2020. Since its release, the drama has gained numerous views and attention instantly. Fans are highly anticipating this. However, it has been some time that the first premiere is done. They want to what happens next in the office drama. Sung-woo, the creator of this series, has not yet announced anything on season 2 of Kkondae Intern. So, we hope the announcements would be made soon. We are always here to have your back at this!

The second season will retain all the main characters from its previous season. We will see Kim Eung-soo playing the role of Lee Man-sik. Park Hae-jin will play the role of Ka Yeol-chan. Han Ji-Eun will play Lee Tae-Ri. Park Ki-Woong will play the role of Namgoong Joon-soo. Noh Jong-hyun playing the role of Joo Yoon-soo. Ko Gun-han will play the role of Oh Dong-Geun. Park Ah-in playing the role of Tak Jung-Eun.

Kkondae Intern season 2 Plot

The Show focuses on Ka Yeol-chan, who does not have a good experience with his internship. Here, his boss, Lee Man-sik, has ill-treated him. Thus, he leaves his job. Eventually, Lee loses the job that he was doing for over 30 years. Now, he becomes jobless.

Yeol–Chan, on the other hand, becomes the Manager of his firm due to hard work and determination. With time, he could find the person who ill-treated him previously in his job as an intern. The person had joined his company now. The show depicts the revenge taken by Yeol- Chan on Lee Man-sik in a humorous manner. Overall, the drama has brought everything together on an overview of comedy. The main story centers around the events between these two people.

Until now, this is the update on the Kkondae Intern season 2. There is no trailer or teasers for the second season yet. We will surely inform you about the further updates on the latest season. For now, you can go through our previous articles.

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