Lost in Space Season 3

Lost in Space Season 3 Details Hint towards a New Season

Today we will talk about one of the most successful series on Netflix. It is successful in converting an old show on TV into a series. Netflix has launched the series with an amazing remake of iconic science fiction from 1965. We will tell you about the release date of ‘Lost in Space’ season 3. This has been one of the most popular series on Netflix. Fans have immensely enjoyed watching this space adventure. No doubt that the fans are waiting for the release of the third season! Here’s what you should know about ‘Lost in Space’ season 3.

‘Lost in space’ has an amazing journey on Netflix since the release of its first season. The series is being loved by audiences all over the world. Both seasons are massive hits. The series shows the adventures with Robinsons. This is a family adventure series set thirty years in the future. The series focuses on the reality of space colonization. The original series of 1965 has been remade into this series with the same name. However, it is based on ‘The Swiss Family Robinson’, the 1812 novel.

The series follows and portrays the lives of Robinson’s family members. They are selected for colonizing the star system of Alpha Centauri. This is because the existence of humanity is at stake. Moreover, they are forced by an alien robot for evacuating their mother hip and crashing on the other habitable planet. Read further to know about the release date of ‘Lost in Space‘ season 3!

Lost in Space Season 3

‘Lost in Space’  Season 3 Release Date

Season 2 of ‘Lost in Space’ was launched on Netflix a year aback on 24th December 2019. There are ten episodes with a runtime of 39 to 65 minutes each. Fans have loved all the episodes so much that they want a renewal of this series. However, the production and Netflix has revealed the news about the third season’s release. Fans are very excited to know this news when it was declared on 9th March 2020. The shooting for season 3 of ‘Lost in Space’ began in September 2020 and is still in production. Hence, we can expect that the new season will come out early in 2021 if everything goes well. The filming of the series is supposed to get over by January 2021.

‘Lost in Space’ Cast

Just like any other series, the new season of ‘Lost in Space’ will also retain its main characters. Furthermore, new characters are expected to join the cast. As we all know, the family of Robinson is the central focus of this series. Therefore, the actors playing the roles of this family will return. Thus, Toby Stephens and Molly Parker are going to rejoin their characters as John Robinson and Maureen.

The children – Will, Penny, and Judy will be returning. These roles will be played by Maxwell Jenkins, Mina Sundwall, and Taylor Russell. The other members present in the cast involve Parker Posy as June Harris or Dr. Smith. Ignacio Serricchio will be back as Don West. Ajay Friese will play the role of Vijay Dhar. Lastly, Sibongile Mlambo will be back as Angela.

‘Lost in Space’ Plot

In the conclusion of Season 2, we find that Robinson’s kids were separated from their parents. They were sent to some part of the space where they were far away from their parents. However, Fortuna, a ship that was lost, shows up along with its commander, Grant Kelly. Kelly is also the father of Judy. When this season concludes, June Harris/Dr. Smith dies while fighting with robots. However, her body was nowhere to be found.

Probably, the third season 3 will focus on the things happening with John and Maureen. The new season’s story will reveal whether they will find back their children or not. It will show you the origin of those alien robots. Also, it will disclose the truth about the death of Dr. Smith/June Harris. Despite the truths, a question arises in the minds of the viewers. : Who is behind the signals made by my human that leads Jupiter 2 to Fortuna?

Thus, this is the update so far about ‘Lost in Space’ season 3. This is going to be the last sequel of the series ‘Lost in Space’! Stay tuned for more information. Till then keep reading our previous articles.

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