The Equalizer 3 Poster
The Equalizer 3 Poster

CBS’s New Crime Drama ‘The Equalizer’ To Release In February.

Today we are going to talk about the upcoming CBS television series ‘The Equalizer’. The television series is based on Denzel Washington’s movie of the same name. Moreover, this is an American television series. You will experience a lot of crime scenes which will surely be thrilling. Thus, it is a series of crime drama which will be popular among the audience. Also, the fascination for legal drama will bring viewers here.

The story of the series is based on Denzel’s movie as said earlier. Along with that, the writing of this series is taken up by two writers. Therefore the exceptional creation will lighten up this complete television series. Besides, its movie is very much popular among the audience. They have loved the entire movie and appreciated it. However, the series is surely going to emerge as the best one. On the other hand, the series has received good reviews from the audience and critics due to its engrossing direction.

The Equalizer Release Date
The Equalizer

‘The Equalizer’, an American based drama is surely going to impress fans to a great extent. We will surely recommend you to have a look at this series after it is released. Even if you are not a television series lover, you must give it a try. It is definitely going to be one of the best thriller television series to date.

The trailer of ‘The Equalizer’

The music and scene will make you feel the suspense of the series. Also, it will be loved by teenagers as well as middle-aged ones. In addition to this, we have the best screenplay and cast behind the series. The official trailer of this television series is out on YouTube. Alongside, the trailer has received great views with more than 45K. The series is featuring on one of the most assured platforms for English television shows, CBS.

Release Date of The Equalizer

Up to a certain level, we are very specific about the reaction of fans and their support for the series. Fans are eagerly waiting for the release date of the upcoming series on CBS. Also, after going through every detail we are finally up with the news. This amazing crime series is going to come out on the 7th of February 2021. Moreover, the other episodes will also be coming up very soon. This 2021 will surely be good for all television series lovers. Check out more about it on IMDB. 

Alongside, you will watch every being put up by your favorites characters. The series with a lot of mysteries and crimes will make it way more interesting. Besides, the total number of episodes for this series is not yet decided. However, currently, the official trailer has received almost 16 million views! Thus, for further details, continue to read the article! We would like to inform you that the movie trailer went on YouTube with almost 16 million views.

Screenplay and Casting for the series ‘The Equalizer’

The spy fiction series ‘The Equalizer’ must be on your watch list. So, let us tell you about the amazing screenplay and casting. We have the well-known, Liz Friedlander. Not only the direction but the creation is also done by famous Queen Latifah and Richard Lindheim. Moreover, the costume designer for the series is Paolo Nieddu. On the other hand, the department of makeup is handled by Adenike Wright. However, this television series comes after the movie with the same name ‘The Equalizer’. This movie was shot almost 6 years back.

Also, the production companies have worked a lot behind the success of the series. The two best productions of the United States have contributed. They are namely, Flavour Unit Entertainment and Davis Entertainment. Moreover, the rest of the production is done by Martin Chase Production, Universal Television, and OBS Studios. The other main part that makes the movie reach all fans is the distribution sector. The distribution is done by United States’ well-known NCB Universal Television and CBS media ventures. Hence, every work makes the series a successful and engaging one.

As ‘The Equalizer’ is an American series, it will release in the original language, English. Moreover, we have the executive producers namely, Dana Owens, John Davis, John Fox, Debra Martin Chase, Andrew Marlowe, and Terri Miller. Thus, this is an absolute combination that will surely make the drama worth watching.

About the episodes of ‘The Equalizer’ and where can you watch them?

Furthermore, the original featuring a network of the series is CBS. Along with the big production setup, the series is going to be an absolute hit. The watch time of each episode of the television series is of almost about 45 to 55 minutes. As this is a crime series, the location is very important to hold on to the viewer’s interest. Thus, the location is set up in various places in the United States. Also, the other upcoming updates about the episodes will be shared as soon as it is revealed.

CBS The Equalizer
The Equalizer

About the teaser of ‘The Equalizer’

This series has its location-based in New York City, New York. All fans are expecting some more episodes of the series. The first episode will soon come out but the title is yet not decided. The first episode is going to come out by 7th February. The direction is provided by Liz Friedlander. Moreover, we also have two writers for this drama. First, Andrew W. Marlowe, and second is Terri Edda Milla. With this in mind if we go back to 19th May 2020 a small teaser was released. In this, we find Queen Latifah in this series. Finally on 9th January 2021 the CBS first officially came up with the teaser of the series.

‘The Equalizer’ cast

Amazing acting has been put forth by the actors of the series. Thus, this has made the series more appealing to the audience. In the lead roles, we have firstly Queen Latifah in the role of Robyn Mc Call. The main role and the series name revolve around ‘The Equalizer’. On the other hand, she is a divorced, single mother and a volunteer. Moreover, she punishes someone for a crime. We also have Chris Noth acting as William Bishop, an ex-CIA director.

Furthermore, we have Lorraine Toussaint as Frieda “Aunty Fry” Lascombe who is a very trustful aunty living with them. Tory Kittles plays the role of Marcus Dante, an NYPD investigator. Adam Goldbug is seen as Harry Keshegian and Lisa La Pira as an air force sniper. But she turns into a bar head, Mc Lody Chu. However, the rest of the casts are the supporting characters. We have Laya Deleon Hayes, René Ifrah in the role of Oswaldo. Gabriel ‘G-Rod’ Rodriguez is seen in the role of Devlin. Furthermore, we have Jolly Swag in the role of Jackson, Kazy Tauginas playing Dmitry, Gina Jun as the Neighbor. Lastly, Marcia M Francis plays the role of a pedestrian. Finally, Cinematography and film editing is done by Gavin Kelly and James Kilton.

All about the series ‘The Equalizer’

This series is going to have a lot of suspense, crime, and drama all at the same time. The story moves around the life of Robyn Mc Call. The series depicts the challenges faced by a single mother and the interaction with the neighbors. She is also a volunteer and thus, takes charge of the crime-related issues. Moreover, she tries to solve the problem of everyone who is facing such crimes. However, she is quite a mysterious lady from Africa, living with her daughter, Delilah. Apart from this, there is much expectation that can eventually build up.

So what’s the final uptake on the television series

Last but not least this series is no doubt going to be the most successful television series. The audience has a good response after watching the trailer that is upon the YouTube channel. We will surely inform you about any further updates on this amazing series. Till then you can read our other articles.

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