Selena The Series part 2
Selena The Series part 2

Netflix Is All Set To Release The Second Season Of Tragic Drama ‘Selena: The Series’.

Today we are going to talk about the release of ‘Selena: The Series’ part 2. This is an amazing Netflix Original biography of the singer Selena Quintanilla. Moreover, the series depicts the real-life stories of this Tejano singer. The initial part of the series has done excessively well. The audience has been moved after watching the first part of ‘Selena: The Series’. Thus, they are eagerly waiting for the second part to come out. The first season has shown an introduction to her life and career.

The audience loved how the makers have put together all the important parts of Selena’s life and career. Hence, ‘Selena: The Series’ is a beautiful music drama presented by Netflix. The series is the creation of Moises Zamora. Furthermore, the direction of the drama is done by Hiromi Kamata. This series is presented as a tribute to one of the most amazing Tejano singer Selena Quintanilla, after her death.

Selena The Series Part 2
Selena The Tejano Singer

Nevertheless, the series was granted permission by none other than the Quintanilla family themselves. Moreover, we have the executive producer of this drama as Suzette Quintanilla. Suzette is the sister of late Selena Quintanilla. Her life is beautifully shown in the drama and later on, Selena Quintanilla became the most searched person on Google. Furthermore, after its release, the series was watched by more than twenty-five million households. Thus, people are crazy to watch the next part of the drama.

‘Selena: The Series’ part 2 release date

Considering the great response from all the audience as well as the critics, part 2 is finally happening. Soon after part 1 came out, Netflix has begun preparing for part 2. The network was quite sure that its audience would immensely enjoy the entire season. The shoot for part 2 is over the long back and is all set to release for entertaining the audience further.

According to the news revealed by the makers of the drama ‘Selena: The Series’ is going to release this year. They have also mentioned the exact date of release. The drama is finally releasing on the 14th of May 2021. Thus, the audience should mark the date to watch this amazing part 2! Initially, the production announced that the second part would release in January 2021. But later the release got postponed. If it does not face any further delays then we will surely get to watch it on 14th May 2021. Thus, this is the final announcement made by the makers of the drama. We will surely inform you about any further changes.

‘Selena: The Series’ cast

To talk about the cast of the drama, the main characters are surely going to return for the second part. Moreover, there are a lot of actors playing their roles as the main characters. Nevertheless, the characters that will be seen in part 2 are as follows. The role of the protagonist, Selena Quintanilla will be played by Christian Serratos. The role of Abraham Quintanilla will be played by Ricardo Chavira.

Moreover, Gabriel Chavarria will play the role of A.B. Quintanilla. Hunter Reese Pena will be seen as Ricky Vela. Noemi Gonzalez will be seen as Suzette Quintanilla. Furthermore, Seidy Lopez will be playing the role of Marcella Quintanilla. Jesse Posey will be seen as Chris Perez. The role of Joe Ojeda will be played by Carlos Alfredo Jr. Lastly; Paul Rodriguez will play the role of Roger Garcia.

However, in the first part, Natasha Perez was a part of the guest cast. She played the role of Yolanda Saldivar. Nevertheless, she might make a comeback in part 2 with a suitable role. The entire production did not get affected by the pandemic situation all over the world. Thus, we will find almost all the talented cast back in the second part.

An overview of ‘Selena: The Series’ part 1 plot

The first part of the series portrays what happened in Selena’s early life. Moreover, it shows the immense hard work put in by the singer to achieve success in music. Selena Quintanilla has been an amazing Tejano singer. People have been moved by her early life history. Being a Tejano singer, Selena used to sing with a band. Among the other members of the band, Selena started having a soft corner for the lead guitarist. His name is Chris Perez.

Gradually, this came to be known by everyone present in the band. Moreover, Abraham Quintanilla, Selena’s father also came to know about this. Thus, to break their relationship, her father had put Chris out of the band. However, none of the family members wanted Chris to be out of the band. But this didn’t affect their relationship much. Eventually, Selena and Chris got married. Here is what you will find in the upcoming part of the drama ‘Selena: The Series’.

‘Selena: The Series’ part 2 plot

Now, Selena and Chris run away for getting married. Part 2 shows that she did not inform her father properly about her decision on marriage. Later, he comes to know that Selena married the person she loved! Yolanda Saldivar might also reappear in the second part. Moreover, Selena gains popularity with time under the influence of Yolanda Saldivar. With time both Yolanda and Selena become partners. Yolanda becomes Selena’s fan club’s president. Later on, she also became the manager of Selena ETC.

Selena The Series part 2
Netflix’s Selena The Series (2021)

As years passed, they started becoming good friends. But who knows what was on Yolanda’s mind? She did all this just because to take over all of Selena’s money. With time, Yolanda got exposed. She was stealing Selena’s money from fan clubs as well as from her boutique. This was indeed a great shock for the singer. No doubt, Selena trusted Yolanda a lot but Yolanda could not keep up with it.

It is quite clear that Yolanda holds an important role in Selena’s business. Thus, after throwing her out, Selena had to meet Yolanda for the last time to get all the important documents. Nobody ever knew how dangerous Yolanda can be. This last meeting is indeed a horrific one! When Yolanda meets Selena she brutally murders this young successful Tejano singer. At the age of only 23, Selena Quintanilla has to face death.

The final update

After all of this happened, Selena’s murder case was spreading like fire. The whole community of Latin-America was in absolute shock. Her fans were very much disturbed when they heard about her death. She is indeed a gem among all the Tejano singers! However, an open casket was organized by her family where all her friends and family members united together for mourning. Gradually, a total of 78 thousand signatures of people were recorded in her condolence book!

To sum up, this story is completely going to win millions of hearts. If you haven’t yet watched the drama, then you should surely check this out! Thus, this is the overall update about this heart-warming tragic life story of Selena Quintanilla. You can also read our previous articles!

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