The Family Man season 2
The Family Man season 2 poster

Amazon Prime Soon Releasing ‘The Family Man’ Season 2.

Today we are going to talk about the release of a famous Hindi series ‘The Family Man’ season 2. It is going to come out on an OTT platform. This Hindi series is surely going to make a blast on the OTT platform. People all over India are crazy for this Indian blockbuster series ‘The Family Man’. Additionally, people from other parts rather than Indian also enjoy watching this thriller series. Also, the OTT platform is one of the most emerging and reliable platforms for the viewers of web series.

Without any doubt, people love such action series. Moreover, the emotion that is being conveyed in the show is amazing. This Indian Hindi action series is very popular all over the country. Besides, fans love the flawless acting put forth by the actors.

The Family Man season 2
The Family Man Season 2

Alongside, the quality of music put in along with the action sequence and thriller drama is quite unexceptional. Teenagers will surely love this series. The way the description is made in the series is quite unimaginable. Also, the way the plot is put in will make you feel the real essence of the drama. Moreover, it can even make it the most engrossing and appealing to the audience.

The release date of ‘The Family Man’ Season 2

As per the sources, we can surely say that the release of this series is very near. After the first season, fans have been eagerly waiting to know about the updates on season 2’s release. We can say that the second season was the most awaited season. ‘The Family Man’ season 2 is soon going to release on 12th February 2021. Thus, all your waits will soon be getting over. Moreover, you can watch this series on amazon prime after it’s release.

However, the details of the series are still not revealed yet. We will surely inform you as soon as the production house reveals them. Nevertheless, this is surely going to make a grand entry. The series is based on a little bit of action and thriller. However, we expect that it will not face any delays before its release. We will surely inform you about any further updates regarding the release of the series.

Screenplay and Casting of ‘The Family Man’ Season 2

This Hindi action thriller is going to be quite interesting and different. We find the best team behind the making of this series. However, some minute changes may be there in the cast of season 2. The series is directed by the best directors namely Raj Nidimoru and Krishna D.K. Also, they are the writers as well as the producers of both the seasons of this series. Moreover, the dialogues have been written by Sumit Arora and Suman Kumar. Besides, we also have the composer as Ketan Sodha. The music is provided by one of the best Bollywood singers Sachin-Jigar. Furthermore, the cinematography is done by Cameron Eric Bryson for Season 2.

An overview of the series

To talk about the number of episodes, nothing has been confirmed yet. In season 1 there were 10 episodes. The watch time for the episodes of season 1 was 35-50 minutes. The first season of ‘The Family Man’ came out on 20th September 2019. Moreover, the first series has received almost 11 nominations for best OTP awards. They have won 5 awards among them which are quite good. The shoot for season 1 was held at Mumbai, Delhi, Kochi, Kashmir and even in Ladakh. The official teaser for season 2 came up on Amazon Prime’s Indian YouTube channel. The teaser has received 12 million views till date which is amazing!

‘The Family Man’ Season 2 cast

In the lead characters, we have Srikant Tiwari, a secret agent and senior analyst in T.A.S.C. This character is enacted by Manoj Bajpayee. Moreover, we have SuchitraIyer Tiwari in the role of Srikant’s wife. This role is played by PriyamaniIyer. We also have JK Talapada who is Srikant’s friend at T.A.S.C. The character is played by Sharib Hashmi. We will find the entry of a new character Raji played by Samantha Akkineni.

Manoj Bajpayee in The Family Man season 2
Manoj Bajpayee in The Family Man Season 2

We also have Saloni as Gul Panag playing the role of a commanding officer. Furthermore, we have Zoya as Shreya Dhanwanthary. The other supporting characters are Vedant Sinha as Atharv Tiwari and AshmithKunder as Bilal. There may be more supporting characters who will find out after the series is released.

‘The Family Man’ Season 2 plot

Srikant Tiwari led a simple life with his family. He is a senior analyst in Threat Analysis and Surveillance Cell (T.A.S.C). T.A.S.C is a sector or a department of National Agency India (NIA). In addition to this, we find him taking up a case of the terrorist attack. Furthermore, he is quite detached from the family members due to his works. The series is following on basis of all the upcoming cases that we in the newspapers. The teaser has surely created a craze among the viewers. However, some new propaganda will surely come up in season 2.

What’s the final update

Finally, season 2 of ‘The Family Man’ is going to release on 12th February 2021. Fans will surely enjoy this season as much as they did in the previous one. So don’t forget to watch the second season on Amazon Prime. Moreover, you can also watch the previous season now only on Amazon Prime. For any further updates, we will surely inform you.

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