Attack On Titan Season 4 Episode 8 Release and Brand New Spinoff Series

All The Loose Ends Will Meet In The Final Season Of Attack On Titan.

The Attack on Titan is waving its fan a final goodbye with the last season: Attack on Titans season four. The season is based on the final part of the manga series named Attack on Titan: Before The Fall by Ryō Suzukaze and illustrated by Thores Shibamoto. The series might end with the Titan kingdom’s fall or might lead to the rising of a completely new saga. So far, seven episodes are aired; All of them hold a subtle wave of suspense, and it is tough to predict how the series will end. The seasons have the highest TRP rating to date.

Attack On Titan Season4- Spinoff and All The Seven Episodes!
Attack On Titan Season 4

 We will discover the history of Titans in this season. And All the loose ends will meet in the final season. The season also witnesses paradise island is tired of fighting and has started giving up hope. As the trailer suggests, residents of Paradise Island are lying on the ground, tired like a living corpse, talking to a bird and saying, “Please don’t stay here, it’s not safe here; Please fly away far away from here.”

Spoiler Alert 

So far, there is no aligned framework to predict the ending of the show. However, the show might end with Eren destroying the world outside of the walls with all the titans he controls within the walls. As Eren’s father discovered the Titan DNA, Eren was able to control the Titans.

On the other hand, the ending mentioned above would be fierce as Eren would be forcing an apocalypse over the world to save its paradise. Such a conclusion is not justified to the humanity. So, it is also predicted that Mikasa Ackerman, another protagonist of the show and Eren’s lover, will have to kill Eren to save the world.

It might be the most significant plot twist as Mikasa joined the squad just to protect Eren. It will be no surprise if Mikasa has to choose between the world or her paradise, that is Eren. The second predicted ending is more likely to happen because Mikasa is disappointed in Eren after he betrayed everyone. 

Attack On Titan Season4- Spinoff and All The Seven Episodes!

Because in the later season, everyone started to see Eren as the Gorilla Titan how betrayed a lot of people and finally end up losing his own life. As when the third country stepped in to help the Island, Gorilla Betrayed him. At the same time, Eren fooled the Titan and killed him. Now everybody stands with a big question mark. If Eren can fool a Titan, why can’t he fool his kind? Mikasa loves Eren but will she sacrifice the world for the love of her life.

Let’s see what happens.


The fans are expecting a spinoff of the series as the show only included the story inside the walls, and the spinoff might consist of the story of the world outside the walls. Paradise Island was the reason for Titans’ birth, and they were the reason the outside world was suffering. They sent the Titans to the outside world to protect their walls until the plan was blown in their faces.

The series talks a lot about inequality and how humankind turns into monsters for their survival. The reflects it’s not about the survival of the fittest anymore. It’s about how good humanity in the game of manipulation. The Paradice Island created the Titans to protect their land, but they lost control over the creatures they created. 

Or another spinoff can revolve around the fact that Titan’s DNA might be modified to help mankind grow and fight the other evil that mankind is fatal to. No specific spinoff is declared yet, but we can expect a Spinoff series very soon.

For instance, the rumors said that China has deliberately spread the COVID19 virus, by which they were the most affected. However, reports say they are just rumors, and the virus was spread naturally. But we live in an era where we believe anything and everything is possible. Even Artificial intelligence is considered a threat to humankind, so we can expect the fiction to turn into reality anytime soon. 

Novel says

In the novel Before the fall and before the actions of “the Titan’s son,” kyklo, a modern smith named Angel Aaltonen, joined with the monsters as only a manufacturer could.

The first of the three-part Ere the Fall Light novels, Whose second and third sections, have been changed into a manga of the same name (available stateside from Kodansha Comics). This prequel of prequels features the origins of the devices that tolerance developed to take on the mysterious Titans.

In Shinganshina District, Angel Aaltonen favors Wall Maria’s sight before meeting Maria Carldtedt, a Garrison soldier. Together they await the Survey Corps’ return from the recent campaign, along with Angel’s friend and Maria’s fiancé Solm Hume. 

Attack On Titan Season4- Spinoff and All The Seven Episodes!
Cover Page Of Novel Attack On Titan Cover Page.

The organization is given to open the gate as the Corps hurries in. The sudden sound of cannon fire alerts them and the townsfolk of the Titans trailing behind. Elena Mansell searches for her husband Health amidst the soldiers as Angel wonders whether his cannons have killed the pursuing Titans.

Shortly afterward, the heads of numerous fallen Survey Corps soldiers soar over Wall Maria, docking gorily in the ways of Shiganshina and sending all nearby into a frenzy. Jorge Piquer, Commander of the Survey Corps, tries to attack the district’s panicking troops as rain begins to fall. The novel has four chapters.

Attack on Titan Season 4

Seven episodes are already out of the Attack on Titan final season. The name of the first episode is The Other Side Of The Sea. The episode talks about Marley’s expansionist phase. The Mid-East Allied Forces that attempts to capture Paradis Island. Eldian warrior-candidate soldiers, and his more grown brother Colt. They were used as cannon feed to attack Fort Slava.

Colt offers to General Theo Magath that they use the power of the Warrior Titans. Still, he declines due to the Allied Forces having an armored train and cannons killing Titans. Gabi, a promising applicant to be the Armored Titan and Reiner’s younger cousin, leads to advance the train while looking defenseless and disables it with hand grenades. This provides Pieck’s Cart Titan, Galliard’s Jaw Titan, and Reiner’s Armored Titan to attack the fort.

From a plane above Fort Slava, Eldian humans are transferred into Pure Titans by Zeke and are separated down rashly. They are causing destruction and mayhem. Zeke then transforms into the Beast Titan and throws ammunition towards the Allied Forces ships, sinking the fleet. 

The Marley capture the fort and win the war with a solemn sacrifice by the Eldians. However, the existence of weapons capable of injuring even the Warrior Titans causes Marley to realize that they need the founding Titan’s power more than ever.

Second Episode: Midnight Train

At a Marley soldiery strategy meeting, the officers express concern that the enemy nations’ armaments are catching the Titans’ usefulness. Zeke, who is also present, aims to use his last year of life to attack Paradis Island and retake the Founding Titan, thus gaining time to replace Marley’s military. 

On a train back to their headquarters in the city of Liberio, the surviving Eldian officers praise Gabi for her courage. At the same time, Reiner personally supports Falco to become the Armored Titan himself instead of Gabi. Cousins Gabi and Reiner arrive home; And rejoin their family, while Falco holds a pair of returning Eldian soldiers traumatized by the war.

Attack On Titan Season4- Spinoff and All The Seven Episodes!
A Picture Sequence From The Episode The Midnight Train

Zeke understands that the independent Eldians on Paradis are checking local Eldians from integrating with Marley society. The next day, Zeke notifies the other Titan Warriors of his plan to use the Tybur noble family. Their War Hammer Titan to declare an offensive against Paradis.

The Tybur Family is influential because of their success in driving King Fritz into exile. He proposes that the Tyburs publicly announce their involvement during a festival in Liberio where dignitaries from various other countries will be present.

Third Episode: The Door Of Hope

Reclining on his bed, Reiner thinks about his knowledge and a discussion with his mother on the bane of being an Eldian. He and his mother were rejected by his Marley father, leading to the beginning of his quest to become an honorary Marley.

He entered the military training business where selected trainees were chosen to become Titans; Annie Leonhart as the Female, Marcel Galliard as of the Jaw, Zeke Jaeger as the Beast, Pieck Finger as the Cart, and Bertolt Hoover as the Colossus.

Porco Galliard fell into his demise when Reiner took the title of Armored Titan. But Marcel had destroyed Porco’s chances for selection to save his brother from the dangers of combat. General Magath sent Reiner Annie, Bertolt, and Marcel to reclaim the Founding Titan on Paradis. 

Still, on arrival, Ymir emerged from the ground and devoured Marcel in the form of a Pure Titan.

Annie and Bertolt wanted to stop the mission, but Reiner turned them to proceed, leading to Wall Maria’s breaching. Following the task, they reverted to their human forms and joined the Training Corps on Paradis. Emerging from his past recollections, Reiner considers suicide but reconsiders because of his role as a mentor to Falco and the other combatant cadets. 

Fourth Episode: From One To Another

Kruger, the wounded Eldian soldier, asks Falco to post letters for him outside the internment zone to avoid interception. Willy, head of the Tybur family who owns the War Hammer Titan, meets with Commander Theo Magath near the statue of Helos, the famous Marley who saved them from Titans.

Magath is contemplating introducing a choice to lift the Marleyans out of their arrogance and thirst for expansion and self-destructive wars. They all stop the warmongering and alter the balance between Eldia and Marley. 

However, the preparation for an all-out offensive against Paradis continues. Back at the infirmary, Mr.Jaeger, Grisha’s father, addresses Kruger and asks him to avoid using Falco for his schemes before he is removed to create a disturbance.

Attack On Titan Season4- Spinoff and All The Seven Episodes!

At the twilight dinner party before the festival, the Eldian trainees perform duties as waiters but are rudely disparaged by the Marley elite. Willy uses his strategic skills to smooth tensions and invites the international dignitaries to a theatrical play after the Libero Internment Zone festival. At the festival, everyone appreciates food from other nations, and the trainees are of high quality. That night, Falco takes Reiner to a secret vault location where he meets Kruger. Much to his shock, Reiner instantly identifies him as Eren Jaeger. He coldly greets Reiner, saying that four years have moved since they last saw each other.

 Fifth Episode: Declaration Of War

Willy begins his theatrical performance to the local and international audience while Eren and Reiner listen in a crypt below the stage with Falco. 

Willy tells the well-known story of Marley’s hero Helos. He allied with the Tybur family to take the Eldian King Fritz. However, he explains Fritz and the Tyburs fabricated the myth themselves. King Fritz wanted peace and voluntarily went to Paradis Island with the outstanding Eldians, promising to renounce war. His ideology passes through his bloodline, which kept his successors bound to his desire for peace.

Meanwhile, Pieck and Porco found themselves in a small, stone-walled cellar, which ultimately prevents them from transforming into Titans. Back in the basement, Eren reminds Reiner of their past as enemies. Still, since his arrival in Marley, Eren realizes that the two of them are alike. However, with contrasting beliefs due to their different training. They hear Willy announce above them that Eren is a threat to world peace as he is not of the Fritz family. Eren metamorphoses into the Attack Titan and bursts out of the basement; Throwing Willy into the air and positions himself to consume the Tybur family’s figurehead.

Sixth Episode: The War Hammer Titan

In a flashback before the Declaration of War, Willy farewells his family. He talks with General Magath about the high chance of a deadly outbreak at the convention, but Willy is programmed to become a martyr in support of his cause. The Attack Titan swallows Willy and continues its violence, causing mass casualties, including Zofia and Udo’s candidates.

Willy’s sister, Lara Tybur, transforms into the War Hammer Titan but is faces an attack by another Titan. Lara overpowers him using her Titan hardening ability to create deadly weapons while Magath orders armor-piercing shells fired at the Attack Titan. Meanwhile, Panzer Unit protects Pieck and Porco just as the SUrvey Corps start an assault overhead.

Seventh Episode: Assault

The Survey Corps encompasses Porco’s Titan, but they come under attack from Pieck’s Cart Titan loaded with machine guns that effectively pick them off. Zeke’s Beast Titan comes while Marley soldiers surround Liberio. Falco emerges from resistance, protected by a bud-like shield formed by Reiner’s partial conversion.

As the Survey Corps lose some soldiers, Armin arrives by boat and transforms into the Colossus Titan, destroying the Marley Navy. Levi uses the entertainment to disable the Beast Titan, then drops a bombshell on the fallen Titan’s nape, killing Zeke.
Sasha kills a computer gunner of the Panzer Unit on the Cart Titan’s back enabling Jean to disable the Cart Titan using Thunder Spears. As the Survey Corps try to stop Pieck, Magath and other Marley Warriors defend her.

Attack On Titan Season4- Spinoff and All The Seven Episodes!

Meanwhile, Hange arrives executing in an airship to recover the Survey Corps, guided by lights placed earlier in the battle. Porco launches his Jaw Titan in advance on Eren, but Mikasa immobilizes it by cutting off its legs. Eren uses the Jaw Titan’s jaws like a nutcracker to break open the crystal shell; Including Lara’s body, and swallows her remains, gaining the War Hammer Titan’s powers. As Eren is about to eat Porco, Gabi and Falco’s frantic cries for help awaken Reiner, and he reluctantly emerges to confront Eren.

Attack On Titan Season 4 Episode 8 Release Date

The 8th Episode of the Attack on Titan Season 4 would be releasing on 1st February 2021.