Shadow and Bone release date
Shadow and Bone poster

‘Shadow and Bone’ Officially Announced by Netflix

Today we will talk about the release of another much exciting series ‘Shadow and Bone’. Fans have been eagerly waiting for this amazing series. Thus, your wait is finally over as Netflix confirms the release date of ‘Shadow and Bone’. Read here everything about the much-awaited series of the year.

‘Shadow and Bone’ is an upcoming Netflix Original with an extremely interesting storyline. Previously, Netflix came up with the initial pictures of the series. However, this series will have a total of eight episodes. Thus, this amazing fantasy series is all set to entertain you on-screen.

Shadow and Bone release date
Shadow and Bone poster

The characters and storyline are derived from the novel ‘Grishaverse’. This novel is written by Leigh Bardugo. ‘Grishaverse’ consists of the fantasy of ‘Shadow and Bone’ and the thriller of Six of Crows. Thus, Bardugo’s ‘Shadow and Bone’ will unfold and explore the war-torn world. Don’t forget to check out every detail of ‘Shadow and Bone’.

‘Shadow and Bone’ release date

The fantasy series of ‘Shadow and Bone’ is set to release officially on 23rd April 2021 on Netflix. Back in October 2019, the series began its production. However, just before the lockdown was initiated in February 2020, the production was complete. As of now, the series is undergoing post-production. Thus, the first season will be out soon.  The storyline is based on war-torn zone a character named Alina realizes that she has an “extraordinary power” which will help her to earn her country’s independence.

‘Shadow and Bone’ cast

This series will be sharing the screen with all the talented actors. It stars Jessie Mei Li as Alina, Starkov and Ben Barnes as General Kirigan. Archie Renaux will play the role of Malyen Oretsev. Freddy Carter will bring Kaz Brekker back in life. Moreover, Amita Suman is playing Inej and Kit Young will enact as Jesper Fahey. Sujaya Dasgupta will be seen as Zoya Nazyalensky.

Daisy Head will enact as Genya Safin. Zöe Wanamaker will play the role of Baghra, Kevin Eldon as the Appart. Furthermore, Luke Pasqualino will be seen as David. Julian Kostov will enact as Fedyor. Jasmine Black Borrow will play the role of Marie. Also, Simon Sears will be seen as Ivan. The genre of this series is fantasy, directed by Eric Heisserer. The executive producers are Eric Heisserer, Shawn Levy, Pouya Shahbazian, Leigh Bardugo, Dan Levine, Dan Cohen, Josh Barry.

‘Shadow and Bone’ Premise

The story of ‘Shadow and Bone’ is set between two worlds that are split by perpetual darkness. Here unnatural animals feast on human flesh. A soldier named Alina realizes that she has an extraordinary power to free her own country. However, as she starts getting used to her power, extra forces take a toll on her dangerously. Thus, she realizes it will be a lot to survive and magic will not help in this.

‘Shadow and Bone’ trailer

The first look of the teaser made the audience awestruck. The eighth episode was shot in Budapest, Hungary. Brekker, portrayed by Freddy Carter, is seen to lead a gang known as the Dregs. Netflix has still not released a trailer yet but the storyline keeps us hooked up.

Shadow and Bone release date
Shadow and Bone – A glimpse of the lead cast

‘Shadow and Bone’ plot

Bardugo wrote this novel inspired by her fantasy world Ravka. Ravka is the Russian Empire of the early 1800s. A character named Aliana discovers her supernatural powers. However, she is an orphan. Moreover, when she discovers her powers it was a tough time to fight with the demons. She receives help only from General Kirigan. However, Bardugo said that the series will differ greatly from the book in a more marvellous way.

This series will combine both ‘Shadow and Bone’ and ‘Six of crows’. Thus, they both exist in the same world but in different timelines. This is a great piece of news for fans as they will be able to witness both the fandom together. ‘Shadow and Bone’ is in a different fantasy world. Moreover, the author explains this as “in Imperial Russia, not in medieval England”. The story reflects about the people living there showcasing their lives that doesn’t matter despite what they do. The story takes a complete phenomenal shape with battles andmagic. Nevertheless, the relationship between characters changes.

The other novel ‘Six of Crows’ is more of an adventurous heist, focusing on criminals constantly hunting for jobs. As there goes a famous saying ‘A jeweller can identify a jewel, appropriately’. The cast of the series is the perfect example of it.

Coming together of the two worlds

Director Eric Heissener said that he along with Bardugo created stories for ‘Six of Crows’. Hence, the audience will get to know them. This decision was taken although it will not be played on the screen until the series gets over. The director and the author have taken up these two stories to serve the audience most bizarrely. Though the plot will change irrespective of the book, the change will be in a good way.

Despite the differences, the storyline will stay true to the characters. Two fantasy series are constructed in a way that the audience will feel like they are sitting on the edge of a cliff with powers and creatures along with heist and horror. The director said that there may be cross paths between different characters which are not written in the book. Thus, everything is unpredictable in this series but it will keep you hooked up.

Episodes in the first season

Much to surprise, the episode titles have also been revealed.

  • First episode- A searing Burst of Light
  • Second episode – We’re all someone’s monster
  • Third episode- The making at the heart of the World
  • Fourth episode – Otkazat’s Sya (‘Refuse’ in Russian)
  • Fifth episode – Show me who you are
  • Sixth episode – The Heart is an Arrow
  • Seventh episode – The Unsea
  • Eighth episode – No mourners

To sum up, this is the final update regarding the release of ‘Shadow and Bone’. If everything goes well, the series will release on 23rd April 2021. No trailer for this fantasy series has come up till now. However, we will surely inform you regarding any further updates on this amazing series of ‘Shadow and Bone’.

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