‘Wanda Vision’ episode 5 Release Date
‘Wanda Vision’ episode 5 poster

Wanda Vision Episode 5 Release Date on Disney Plus

Today we are going to talk about a very weird Marvel comic, ‘Wanda Vision.’ Marvel Comics is famous for Avengers and its superheroes. However, when it comes to ‘Wanda Vision,’ it is slightly different from what we have known so far. This Marvel comic is different from the mainstreams which we have been reading. Nevertheless, ‘Wanda Vision’ episode 5 is set to release on February 5, 2021.

The genre of this series is filled with drama, mystery, romance, sitcom, and superhero. The series is created by Jac Schaeffer. Moreover, it is based on the Scarlet Witch by Stan Lee and Vision by Roy Thomas and John Buscema. ‘Wanda Vision’ is directed by Matt Shakman, and the cinematographer is Jess Hall.

‘Wanda Vision’ episode 5 Release Date
A scene from episode 5

Disney premiered two of its previous episodes on January 15, 2021. Also, Disney showed some behind the scenes. Thus, it gave the viewers a hint of what they can expect in the next upcoming episode. It has decided to release a new episode each week after the two episodes that were dropped previously. Moreover, the series has been accepted with an open heart and is well praised by the critics. The performance of the actors has been appreciated as well. However, we know that this series is not a mainstream Marvel comic, but Marvel accepted it with an open mind.

‘Wanda Vision’ episode 5 Release Date

Soon after the release of episode 4 of ‘Wanda Vision’ fans were eagerly waiting for the next episode to release. Thus, ‘Wanda Vision’ episode 5 is set to release on 5th February 2021 on Disney+. It is going to release on a Friday at 3:01 am ET, and 12:01 am PT. The fifth reason will be available on Disney the whole day. The other episodes will continue to release from the next week, Friday till March. Thus, you can see a brand new episode of ‘Wanda Vision’ every Friday. However, by March, all the episodes will be released.

In this series, we will find Elizabeth Olsen, who plays the role of Wanda Maximoff or as Scarlet Witch. Her character is about an Avenger who can do telepathy followed by telekinesis and magic. Kevin Feige, the executive producer, said, “we can witness more powers of Wanda as she will explore a lot more. “Moreover, Olsen could explore new horizons of the character. This is because while shooting for this role, she explored the character’s sassiness and humor. Paul Bettany will be seen playing the role of Vision. Moreover, his character is created using artificial intelligence.

Bettany said that we could see Vision as a ‘decent and honorable man’ who “lives for Wanda.” Debra Jo Rupp will play the role of Sharon Davis, who is a citizen of New Jersey. Mrs. Hart is playing the role of Wanda and Vision’s neighbor. Fred Melamed can be seen playing the role of Todd Davis, a person who belonged to New Jersey. Also, he is the husband of Sharon, who plays Wanda and Vision’s neighbor as well as Vision’s boss. Kathryn Hahn will be playing the role of Agnes. She is enacting as a ‘nosy neighbor.’ Moreover, Hhan described her character as “the person who will always put her nose in someone else’s business.”

‘Wanda Vision’ episode 5 Release Date
A scene from ‘Wanda Vision.’

Teyonnah Paris is playing the role of Monica Rambeau. She is enacting as the daughter of the Air Force pilot Maria Rambeau. Rambeau is a captain in S.W.O.R.D (Sentient Weapon Observation Response Division). Moreover, she also introduces herself as a neighbor of Wanda and Vision, disguising herself as “Geraldine.” Her character portrays “toughness and to be a woman unapologetically.” Randall Park enacts as Jimmy Woo. He is playing the role of an FBI agent who’s working with the S.W.O.R.D.

Filming of ‘Wanda Vision’ episode 5

The filming of this series started in early November. Thus, shooting began in Atlanta, Georgia, in the Pinewood Atlanta Studios. In front of a large number of people, the first episode was shot in black and white. Due to the pandemic, the filming stopped, then again resumed work from September 2020. However, all the safety protocols were considered and maintained. In Warner Bros Street also the filming of the sitcoms took place. The production was completed by the middle of November 2020. It is said that Olsen was continuously shooting with Doctor Strange.

‘Wanda Vision’ episode 5 Plot

After the three weeks event in Avenger’s endgame (2019), we will see ‘Wanda and Vision’ living an ideal suburban life in the town of Westview. They try to tuck away their powers. Thus, it shows that they enter the new decade and television tropes. Moreover, they realize that things are not like what they are seeing.

‘Wanda Vision’ episode 5 Release Date

About the Episodes of ‘Wanda Vision’

The starting episode introduces the viewers to the location and characters. We see that a newly married couple, Wanda and Vision, lives in the town of Westview during the 1950s. Although both of them have different powers, they try to put them together. One day they see a heart drawn over a date in the calendar. However, they can’t recall what it is about. Not paying much attention to it, they carried on with their jobs and daily lifestyle.

In episode 2, we find both of them preparing for the magic show that will be held in the neighborhood. Suddenly, they hear some noises outside their house. Wanda is the friend of Geraldine and notices more strange things. Eventually, when they return home, they discover that Wanda is pregnant, and this can be understood quite well. In episode 3, Doctor Neilson checks Wanda and concludes that she’s pregnant for the past four months. Thus, Wanda gives birth to twins, Tommy and Billy, with the help of Geraldine. Moreover, in episode 4, Captain Monica Rambeau, the agent of S.W.O.R.D, gets a new life. Hence, she comes to find her mother, Maria, who died due to Cancer. Thus, the rest will be revealed in the upcoming fifth episode.

Fans are highly anticipating the upcoming episode of ‘Wanda Vision.’ However, the series is all set to release its new episode on 5th February 2021. Don’t forget to watch the upcoming episode on Disney+. We will surely inform you regarding any further updates on ‘Wanda Vision episode 5. Till then, keep reading our previous articles.

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