Jujutsu Kaisen The Breakdown Of Battel Ground Sequence – Episode 18 Preview

The 17th Episode Marked An End To The Battleground Sequence And Takes Us To the 18th Episode, "Sage."- Find Out The Release Date.

This new year gifted us some to recover and a “New Year Special” Jujutsu Kaisen Battleground Sequence. Episode 14 Kyoto Sister School Exchange Event – Group Battle 0 is the first new episode of the Jujutsu series year. The episode was released on  16th January 2021. The furthermore first battle was served in episode 15  Kyoto Sister School Exchange Event – Group Battle 1. The episode was released on 23rd January 2021.

After the 16th Episode, Kyoto Sister School Exchange Event release Event – Group Battle 2 on 30th January 2021; Fans were super excited for the next episode of the Battleground sequence. 17th Episode  Kyoto Sister School Exchange Event – Group Battle 3 was released on 6th February 2021. It talks about Kasumi remembers asking Mai about her sister Maki while they were qualifying for the Goodwill Event. Mai claimed she was delicate and permanently a grade 4 sorcerer, so Kasumi was delivered.

Jujutsu Kaisen The Breakdown Of Battel Ground Sequence- Episode 18 Preview
Jujutsu In Episode 17.

However, at present, Kasumi is locked in battle with Maki. She’s powerful and quickly overwhelming her opponent, eventually kicking Kasumi down into a stream. Forced to counterattack, Kasumi serves her Simple Domain as Maki addresses.
However, Maki expresses through her swordsmanship technique and reveals her spear in half. She launches the non-cursed tool half and a kunai as a disturbance, forcing Kasumi to move out of place, deactivating the kingdom.

Maki’s Promotion

After getting in close, Kasumi strips Miwa and takes her sword. Watching completed one of her crows, Mei Mei suggests that Maki should be promoted immediately.
Satoru agrees, but he steers out the Zenin Family is questionable about it. He also asks why the footage throughout Yuji’s fight has been shaky. Mei Mei insists animals are fickle, and she hasn’t been following Yuji.
Satoru asks who Mei Mei is rooting for, and she responds that she’s only on the side of money. Notwithstanding Kyoto’s plans, Satoru believes Yuji can’t be dealt with so smoothly anymore.

Meanwhile, Nobara is unable to catch Momo as she rides completed the air on her broom. She’s hit with Momo’s offensive energy wind and then hammers in the face with the levitating swab itself.
Momo demonstrates that female sorcerers have it much harder after responding to the air, magicians like Mai. She’s under stress from the Zenin Family, but Nobara doesn’t seem to care.
Nobara recommences firing nails, and Momo escapes while sending wind back in return.
However, the wind isn’t strong enough to lift Nobara after she’s been practicing with Panda. Additionally, Momo is too concerned about the likelihood of Toge appearing at any moment.

Momo proceeds to explain the requirements Mai has to go through as a “failure of the Zenin Family” and says she’s frustrated since she reflects curses friends.
Annoyed, Nobara ultimately rejects Momo.
Disappointment doesn’t give someone the right to be outrageous. Being successful doesn’t mean someone has to be accomplished. Maki had the same training as Mai; However, they’re far from the same. Nobara declines to justify her actions and asks Momo to recall about the person they’ve previously committed to sentencing a curse.

Momo’s Self Love

This permits Nobara to jump and grasp one of the bristles off Momo’s broom. She exclaims that she loves herself as she’s healthy and beautiful, altogether rejecting Momo’s battle of the sexes. Using Straw Doll Technique: Resonance, Nobara dispels Momo’s authority over her broom, causing her to crash. Using her squeaky hammer, Nobara pounds Momo. However, she is shot in the temple with a cursed energy-infused rubber weapon that immediately knocks her unconscious.

Mai calls Momo after to notify her that Mechamaru has possibly been eliminated. As their phone communication ends, Maki comes to defy Mai in the trees.
She tells Mai to call for reinforcement, but she claims to want this courage all to herself. Maki remembers Nobara and Yuji reading about her strength. She expresses herself not to get distracted, but it does end up motivating her.

Jujutsu Kaisen The Breakdown Of Battel Ground Sequence- Episode 18 Preview
Momo In Jujutsu Kaisen Episode 17.

Irritated by her sister’s smile, Mai begins shooting, but Maki can slice through the weapons and easily avoid the shots. At close range, Maki quickly overwhelms her. Also, Mai recognizes that she was born with something she doesn’t have.

Mai recalls the Zenin Household talking about the young girl’s incapacity to use cursed techniques. She could see obscenities and be discouraged; However, Maki was never fearful and always went straight for her future.
She left the clan notwithstanding, telling Mai she wouldn’t leave her behind, only to recover to become head of the family. Mai thinks her sister is a liar and challenges her to hate her.

Maki’s Shot

Their battle continues, and Maki forces her opponent to use all six of her shots. She closes in, but Mai bluffs, who always hated her sister and never told her about developing an innate technique.
Construction produces something from nothing using cursed energy, requiring an enormous amount that has an unrelenting effect on Maki’s body. Her conclusion is one cartridge a day, and it nearly approaches Maki. However, her speed and reflexes are too great, able to grab it with her bare hands.

Mai knows that Maki was born with a Heavenly Restriction like Mechamaru. She has little to no offensive energy, so she was born with extraordinary physical prowess.
However, this was never confirmed by the Zenin Family. Mai asks Maki why she disappeared and says they should have befallen the hole collectively. Maki couldn’t live that way, so she had to go.

She withdraws, but in the past, Maki guaranteed never to leave her sister behind. After Maki rolls on to another area on the battleground, Mai still considers herself a liar and reveals her disappointment. The episode marked an end to the Battleground sequence and takes us to the 18th episode, “Sage.”

18th Episode of Jujutsu Kaisen: Sage Release Date & Preview

by the introduction of Cursed Substances and Curse Users, the Goodwill event comes at a standstill. They form a Hanging around the area explicitly created to keep Gojo out. Meanwhile, Megumi, Toge, and Nortoshi are covered with Hanami, who deserves to be the planet’s wrath contained. Inside the viewing room where both the Tokyo and Kyoto staff are located, all the talismans suddenly burn Tokyo Red. This would be the default color if a third party exorcised the associated curses.

Inside the viewing room where both the Tokyo and Kyoto staff is present, all the talismans swiftly burn Tokyo Red. This would be the lack of color if a third party exorcised the associated curses.

Gojo performs a joke about it, but the other Wizards realize there is trouble on campus. At the same time, Yaga checks on Master Tengen’s barrier, while Gojo, Gakuganji, and Utahime defend the students. Mei Mei has to complete a task living in the room and using the crows to find the followers.

Gojo’s Plan

At the same time, the Curse User Juzo becomes a curtain over Tokyo Jujutsu High. Gojo and the others aren’t able to perform it in time before the Curtain collectively forms.
Gojo plans to tear the Curtain apart. However, this Curtain was explicitly made to keep Gojo out at the cost of providing all other Sorcerers in. Gojo assumes there is a Curse User inside with a fair number of info on Jujutsu High. Gakuganji and Utahime head bounded to rescue the students from danger.

Megumi recollects Hanami as the Cursed Spirit that struck Gojo. Nortoshi notices the Curtain enclosing them, and Toge recommends that they contact Gojo quickly. However, just as Megumi regards to call, Hanami swiftly attacks.
Toge stops Hanami’s progress long sufficient for Noritoshi to attack, but his Slicing Exorcism does little pollution to the Special Grade. Nue sees Hanami from above, and Megumi catches up by gashing the curse’s legs with a sword.

Hanami begins to discourse, and the boys can understand his words’ meaning notwithstanding the foreign language. Hanami claims that he wants to preserve the planet from humans and asks the senseless children to stop fighting. He understands the earth needs time without humans and represents that the ones before him can become a sage through death.

The 18th Episode of Jujutsu Kaisen will be reading on 13th February 2021.