Jujutsu Kaisen Episode 19 Black Flash and Episode 18 Recap

I Don’t Know How I’ll Feel When I’m Dead, But I Don’t Want To Regret The Way I Lived. -Yuji Itadori

On 13th February 2021, the 18th episode Sage of Jujutsu Kaisen was released, and it earned some outstanding ratings by IMDb and Metacritic. The episode talks about Megumi and Noritoshi are confronting their relations and differentiation through battle. However, the Goodwill Event is abruptly upheaved by an immediate invasion! 

Megumi runs through a temple structure with cursed energy-charged arrows in pursuit. He can circumvent most of them as they crash into the environment; However, Noritoshi continues to fire. Two hands end up following Megumi, but his Unknown Abyss Toads can catch them with their tongues. Megumi cleaves off one of the arrows’ tip, splattering the blood on it on the wall. Megumi explains that Noritoshi’s system allows the arrow’s trajectory to neglect the laws of physics.

Episode 19 Jujutsu Kaisen Release Date & Preview
Jujutsu Kaisen Episode 19.

Noritoshi tells Megumi not to offend him, requesting his adversary command another shinigami. However, Megumi’s Divine Dog is off doing something else right now. Megumi says that he won’t help if Noritoshi faints from blood loss, but the Kyoto scholar notes that the indicators are pre-prepared. Each of them understands each other’s technique from their relationship to the Big Three Sorcerer Families. 

Megumi received the Ten Shadows System of the Zenin family, which allows him to assemble ten different shinigami using shadows as an intermediary. Noritoshi inherited the Blood Administration of the Kamo family, granting him full authority over his blood.

Kasumi’s Sword Recap to Epiosde 18

Noritoshi uses his last arrow to break open the ceiling as a disturbance. He decreases the stairs in an instant and throws a right straight at Megumi. The Tokyo first-year forms with his tonfa, but the impact sends him stumbling back. He’s overwhelmed by Noritoshi’s power, who maintains his onslaught and breaks Megumi’s tonfa notwithstanding the cursed energy defense. Noritoshi demonstrates that he can manage all properties of his blood to increase his physical characteristics and ability Megumi equates to doping.

Meanwhile, Kasumi comically grieves losing her sword. Without Maki around, Kasumi can’t get her sword back, and she seems useless. A call from Mechamaru disrupts her daydreaming; However, its Toge is on the other side, telling her to sleep. He unfastened the phone using Mechamaru’s severed arm and was escorted around by Megumi’s Divine Dog. After checking the dog to return, Toge notices a rugged appearance.

Episode 19 Jujutsu Kaisen Release Date & Preview
Kasumi’s Sword Stealing.

In the observing room with all the organization, Utahime arranges to retrieve Kasumi. Principal Gakuganji recollects assigning Noritoshi a cursed spirit meant to destroy Yuji. This same curse arrives before Toge, but it’s abruptly killed, and the particular grade cursed nature, Hanami. Also attacking the school, Mahito and the curse user, Juzo, announce it’s time for their plan to get undertaken.

When Noritoshi was more recent, he learned that he must act as heir to the Kamo family to preserve his mother. She was a mistress, and he was born an illegal son. However, Noritoshi acquired Blood Administration and was propped up as the beneficiary because of it.
In the present, Noritoshi interests in close-range combat with Megumi until he reveals his last surviving tonfa. He mentions that shinigami users who can support at close range are essential. Nortioshi seems proud, but Megumi doesn’t know by he’s acting so familiar

Epiosde 19 Jujutsu Kaisen Release Date & Preview

Episode 19 Balck Flash of Jujutsu Kaisen will release 20th February 2021 and the episode talks about:

Black Flash is a special jujutsu attack that dramatically magnifies the user’s physical hit when the magician applies their cursed enthusiasm within one-millionth of a second. Black Flash is a malformation in space when cursed energy is implemented with 0.00001 seconds of a physical hit. When an alchemist can achieve this, their cursed energy dispatches black, and the force of their success is to the strength of two and a half.

This technique needs incredible strength, and no jujutsu magician can use it at will, not even Satoru Gojo. Sorcerers directed to unleash Black Flash have an immeasurably higher knowledge of the essence of cursed energy. For sorcerers, the mental process of forming cursed life becomes as simple as breathing.

Episode 19 Jujutsu Kaisen Release Date & Preview


Momo uses her broom to fly Toge and Noritoshi’s oblivious bodies away from the battleground. While carrying both the boys out, Momo admits she’s astonished they ended up in this situation considering their strength. She chooses to put her faith in Aoi because she understands he’s strong if nothing else. Meanwhile, Aoi and Yuji make a compelling entry to save Maki and Megumi from Hanami.

Megumi attempts to warn Yuji of Hanami’s strength; However, Aoi calls out to Panda, who abruptly appears. He asks Panda to take Megumi and Maki continuously while he and Yuji keep Hanami busy. Megumi pleads to persuade them to re-think this, but Yuji confirms Megumi that it’ll be okay. Aoi remarks that Megumi can see Yuji undertaking to grow as well.


Yuji’s Fight

Megumi tells Yuji he’ll destroy him if he dies again, and then Panda becomes Megumi and Maki away. As Yuji provides to fight, Aoi reveals that he won’t happen until Yuji uses Black Flash. If Yuji is powerless to use this secret procedure, Aoi is qualified to watch Yuji die. Hanami takes note of Aoi’s durability but understands he’s still weaker than himself. Yuji asks Hanami if there is a patch-faced disgusting spirit in his group, and Hanami suggests it’s possible.

Angry, Yuji constitutes a giant sprinkle of water by running the river and throws rocks within it. Hanami disregards them and spots Yuji closing the distance. He endeavors to counter Yuji with a provisional ball, but the jujutsu student speeds past it and lands a flurry of kicks. Hanami confirms he’s faster than Maki but is frustrated by his strength.

By checking back, Yuji gains an opportunity on Hanami because he’s minimizing his enemy. Yuji approximately unleashes the Black Flash, but his outrage over how improprieties have changed his friends causes a momentary lapse in focus. After landing a powerless hit, Yuji retreats, and Aoi chastises him for not meditating correctly. Aoi informs his new friend that he must overcome his anger and drown out all disturbances.

The Black Flash

Thanks to his new best friend’s recommendation, Yuji prepares himself to unleash the Black Flash. Black Flash is freed when a jujutsu sorcerer applies offensive energy within 0.000001 seconds of a substantial hit. No wizard can use it at will, and those who have used it have a significantly better knowledge of cursed energy than those who have not. Yuji stares with such intense focus that he begins to droll.

Just as his saliva hits the ground, Yuji blitzes Hanami and punches him with cursed enthusiasm that flashes black. Black Flash! Hanami is overwhelmed by the hit’s strength, while Aoi is happy to see that Yuji draws it off. After unleashing Black Flash, Yuji’s power grows to a new level. Aoi lines him up as they take on Hanami’s full potential. As the fight escalates and Hanami endeavors to teach Sorcerers the tandem to understand the earth, the Cursed Spirit begins to find pleasure in the thrill of the battle.

Episode 19 Jujutsu Kaisen Release Date & Preview

Yuji’s Black Flash blows Hanami’s arms apart with its influence as Aoi watches haughtily from the side. Yuji is overwhelmed by the essence of his Cursed Energy. Aoi notices this and associates Yuji to a chef who’s been accidentally cooking elements they’re not familiar with. With Black Flash, Yuji has received his Cursed Energy and is now on a different level of power than he was a few milliseconds ago. Aoi compliments Yuji because now he’s assured to be healthy.

The Cursed Bud

Confused, Hanami was told Sukuna’s ship was a sub-par Sorcerer, and he’s also still very unadventurous of Aoi’s presence. As Hanami heals, Aoi announces to Yuji that Special Grades can effortlessly heal utilizing their Cursed Energy. However, Hanami’s Cursed Energy is staggering, and the duo of best friends pose for engagement, ready to get cooking.

Impressed by his opponent’s strength, Hanami raises his robe, revealing his black arm connected to a rosebud growing out of his protrusion. Hanami declares he needs to try harder and immediately unleashes a downpour of wooden branches, which Aoi and Yuji are almost able to avoid.

The attack range left Yuji by surprise. However, Aoi tells him that the Cursed Spirit reduces power and transfer speed.
Hanami morphs out of the members and fires Cursed Buds from his fingers, which the witches can avoid. They counter with a double straight that breaks Hanami’s Jujutsu guard. Just as they provide to follow up, their footing leaves.

The Conclusion

Hanami was manipulating the branches that was by Jujutsu. Hanami supports himself on a temporary ball while Aoi and Yuji error. He endeavors to skewer them both; However, the duo kick-off of one another to dodge the transient spikes projecting from the ball.

Hanami begins to discern that he’s experiencing the fight. He recalls a discussion with Mahito where the patch-faced Cursed Spirit emboldened Hanami to give in to his impulses as a Cursed Spirit, understanding that doing so would make him even more critical.
Hanami stuns the opponent tandem with a field of wildflowers and understands up with an unexpected torrent of branches. While the Wizards evade and the battle rages on, Hanami declares to himself that he’s having fun. Aoi terminates upon his protege and concludes that it’s time to deliver his Cursed Technique!