Don’t Toy With Me, Miss Nagatoro Episode 1 Announcement

Telling Him That He Could Perpetually Use Her If He Were Ever "In That Kind Of Mood," Inspiring Him To Let His Guard Down Out Of Shame.

Nagaotoro is turning into a web series after listing itself as one of the most liked manga series. In 2017 Don’t Toy With Me, Miss Nagatoro the web manga began its serialization in Magazine Pocket; An online and app-based web manga magazine published by Kodansha, on November 1, 2017. And now in 2021 Nagaotoro is coming up with T.V series adapted by the first volume of the manga series. After the end of classes, a second-year high schooler wandered into the library expecting to find it empty as standard; Only to discover a group of four girls went there to chat.

Being timid and introspective, the boy sat a few tables quietly afar from them, working on finishing his homework. However, due to having let his schoolbag open, the manga’s surfaces; He commenced to drew the premature nightfall to the floor and are quickly recognized by the girls who began to analyze it and make fun of him mercilessly. Continuously one of them got a manual from a friend who summoned them all at a bakery called Mister Donuts, helping three go.

Don't Toy With Me, Miss Nagatoro Episode 1 Release Date

The remaining girl presented herself as a first-year student and suggested that he is a senior year and, then, her “Senpai.” The girl then commenced reading the manga out loud: the tale of Siegfried. A skilled swordsman who’s offensive at getting on in the world; Who met and converted an ally with a handsome knight of an enemy country, Elizabeth, and they fell in love. Seeing that the personality has a visual correspondence with him; The girl asked Senpai if he pitched himself on the surface and then called both “pitiful.”

The Flat

The girl especially looked out for an exhibition in the manga. After the female lead declared that she has long been delivered being a woman, the protagonist caressed her hair, calling her gorgeous and making her blush.

She intended to reenact the scene and, after conferring her martial arts skills and returning Elizabeth’s exact line, she requested him to play Siegfried’s part. However, he was too shy to brush her hair, helping the girl to say that that’s how the picture should have been made, as only convinced men could do that while a virgin-looking number like him wouldn’t.

Don't Toy With Me, Miss Nagatoro Episode 1 Release Date

The girl called Senpai’s personality “flat,” making him cry a scarce thus. He tried to circumvent eye communication in order not to make her notice he was crying. However, she put him with his hindquarters to the wall and called him “gross,” ultimately reducing him to tears.
She then gently wiped his imperfections away with her headband and, after hopefully withdrawing for having threatened him, getaway. Leaving him to whisper alone on how a kōhai made him cry.

Senpai ended up waiting up all night, followed in his dream by the embarrassments endured by that Kohai the preceding day. The next afternoon, while he was training in the art club room where he was a member; That same girl threatened him out of it, asking hopefully how he was doing. Bankrupt, he coldly rejected her, giving her back her napkin, telling her he had washed it right before entering the room. After saying goodbye to her friends, the girl smirked and accompanied him to the art club, remarking that he was the only member and thus bothering him they were all alone.

The Fetish Love

Blushing, Senpai told her he has some club project to do and to leave him alone. However, she requested to stay and, declaring she doesn’t have any plans for that day, allowed him, his model, to apologize for having bullied him the previous day. Initially, he tried to refuse, stating he wants to draw geometric shapes instead. As the girl introduced him to make some sexy attitude or take off some costumes. Showing off some cleavage and lace bra, Senpai flushed and agreed to paint her only if she checked said behavior.

Senpai started to paint the girl getting a pause every 20 minutes. However, he found it a challenging feat since he has never been so close to a girl before in his entire life. To make things more serious, the girl sexily told him that if he made an immeasurable paint of her. She would give him a “premium.” Due to having drawn since early adolescence; Senpai is convinced that he could paint the girl.

However, the outcome is more similar to a sketch. Telling him to get ready to receive his compensation; The girl told him to close his eyes and assume a kissy pose expecting a kiss. Senpai pours out his lips but alternatively received a flick on the nose.

Don’t Toy With Me, Miss Nagatoro Episode 1 Release Date

The girl then starts to mock him telling him he was a fool for demanding a kiss from her. Primarily due to not exemplary any reward at the hall; Since the drawing was too poorly made, particularly in the crotch area blurred. Only a little described since he was too embarrassed to look at it for more than a second. Knowing he was about to cry once again, Senpai tried to cover his face. However, being significantly more extraordinary, the girl pulled his arms apart, facing him and presenting him burst into tears.

Vacuuming once more Senpai’s eyes, the girl confessed to having ended up threatening him again. He reflected on how embarrassing it was to cry two times in front of the same more recent girl even if nobody ever made him cry before. At the same time, she told him to do his most useful to draw her correctly the next time so she would have given an “excellent reward” to him. Senpai persistently told her he didn’t want any reward from her. Episode 1 of Don’t Toy With Me, Miss Nagatoro will be releasing in April 2021.

The “Gross Part”

Walking home alone after school, Senpai established to mull over the girl who mistreated him in the early days a few moments before being stretched by the girl herself who, surprisingly, requested him to go out with her. Shocked, the boy began to stammer, embarrassed. However, before he can reply, she commenced laughing, saying it was just a joke and questioning if he supposed something like that to happen.

Senpai acknowledged that he didn’t, knowing that everything she did was obtaining fun of him. Stating that it was “gross” to be described as “you” by him, the girl playfully shoved him. However, being very light, the boy fell face down. As he survived up, the girl confessed and, puzzled, asked him why he never got mad with her, despite the fact she did many messed up things to him.

Don't Toy With Me, Miss Nagatoro Episode 1 Release Date

Senpai contemplated that being threatened since childhood. He was used to it and couldn’t even memorize the faces of those who laughed or insulted him. However, understood that this girl was different as he could think of emptiness but her face. The girl smirked and recommended he was falling for her. However, he quickly dropped that idea saying, “putting that aside.” He then confessed to obtaining her disturbing and sometimes getting mad at her reaction but doesn’t dislike talking with her. Once more, the girl recognized him not to call her “you,” indicating Senpai to find the strength to ask her name. She then finally introduced herself as Nagatoro. She also wrote the second kanji of her last name on his chest to know how to write it, telling him it was satisfying to meet him. Blushing, the boy tried to present himself as well. However, Nagatoro blocked him from doing it, saying that she favored to call him just “Senpai.”

Way To School

On his way to school, Senpai purchased the last pamphlet of a manga titled “School Rumble Shining,” which was positively presented online due to a nude exhibition featuring all the female warriors in a public bath.  That afternoon, notwithstanding really requiring to read it in the art club room. He continued fearing to be rechallenged by Nagtoro if she found out. Entering the room, the girl remarked he was hiding something and, sensing it was some corrupt manga.

 She tried to take it from him. Senpai persevered and didn’t let go until Nagatoro sexily touch his support. Telling him that he could perpetually use her if he were ever “in that kind of mood,” inspiring him to let his guard down out of shame. Thus leaving the girl to take the manga from him.