My Hero Academia Chapter 301 Summary and Character View.

I Gave Shoto Everything. By Age 20, I'd Previously Escalated To The Point- Enji.

On 14th February 2021, chapter number 301 of My Hero Academia was dropped, and fans are looking forward to the next of the chapters. The Wrong Way To Put Out A Fire, Part 1 is the chapter’s name. It talks about the past when A young Enji Todoroki met with Rei’s family, the Himura Family. The family member revealed great joy and honor in being transferred to by the man said to be the next No. 1 hero. He emphasized that the Himura Family was also deemed a prestigious family, so it only fitted that a man of his achievements would take a Himura woman as a wife.

My Hero Academia Chapter 301 Summary & Character View.
My Hero Academia Chapter 301.


Enji said that even though Rei knew this wedding was a Quirk Marriage, she still allowed it for her family’s sake. As the two were accompanying together, Enji published her looking at some flowers, where she tells them that she likes them because of how notable they are. Enji portrayed Rei as a woman much like ice herself. However, she seemed so strong, notwithstanding possibly melting away at the most inadequate touch. In the present, Enji asks Rei if she is okay, but she answers that she isn’t, but that is why she came.

Enji’s Fight

Dabi lies on a couch looking at his burned skin and how he can’t feel anything in another location. He knew Enji wouldn’t die from their fight. He also knew he would have to make some public statement soon, too, due to his position. Dabi expresses excitement at the look on his face and how long he has waited for it. He tells his family to take a good look at him in the depths of Hell. In Dabi’s childhood, a young Toya asked his father why he changed his mind about training him even though today was his day off. Enji responded, saying it is for his good, but Toya was displeased.

Custom Children

Enji and Rei went to the hospital to discuss their son’s condition. Where the doctor explains that Toya has inherited a compelling form of Enji’s Quirk. Still, he possesses his mother’s physical condition, meaning his body is meant to withstand freezing temperature and not fire. The doctor tells them that this method of ‘custom children’ is taboo in the current Quirk-based society. So he can’t advise it. Enji. However, still felt Toya could surpass All Might, whom he desperately wanted to catch up to.

My Hero Academia Chapter 301 Summary & Character View.

Later, Toya talked with Fuyumi and told her that he could handle any impairments he suffered, claiming he knows his own body better than anyone. Fuyumi tells Toya that she doesn’t like to see him get hurt. However, Toya yells that she doesn’t understand him because she is a girl. She tells him that she is concerned about him. However, he walks off, saying that his father was the one who sparked a fire under him to surpass All Might.

301 Chapter My Hero Academia Summary

That night, Rei tells Enji that he wants to choose too cruel, particularly since Toya understands his children’s wants. Enji tells her that no matter what he says. He keeps developing a home with fresh burns every day, sobbing that his son also inherited his determination.
He tells her it is the only way to make him give up because he will never transcend All Might. This would eventually lead to Nastsuo’s interpretation. Which made Toya start falling into discouragement while Endeavor’s passion for surpassing All Might continued to grow.
Eventually, Shoto was born, but Toya declined to accept that he would be the one to transcend All Might. He trains in a shelter with his fire, telling his father to look at him because of how vital his flames already are.

Enji tells Toya to stay because he is covered in wounds and tells him to look behind the world of being a hero and do something like play with his siblings or make friends at school, saying he can realize that it will be one day a distant memory.

My Hero Academia Chapter 301 Summary & Character View.

Toya, however, with tears streaming from his eyes, tells Enji that everyone at school wants to be heroines themselves, and he can’t know what it is like to give up because he has him as a father.

He lit the fire in him to transcend All Might, and it is not running out, just as he describes him by his hero designation somewhat as “father.” He tells him to look at him as he attacks with his flames animated at his mother bringing a newborn Shoto.
Rei tells Enji he can’t maintain he is burning more than anyone. However, he wasn’t the only one who didn’t see their son.

Character View

I gave Shoto everything. By age 20, I’d previously escalated to the point. It was because I did that climb that I learned. Unless I approached the mountain, it was all for nothing. If all I considered were titles, I could’ve worn a smile like you. Played the part of the winsome fool. But I wanted to be the strongest!

Shoto has described his father as a prideful and ambitious man driven by his goal to surpass the No. 1 Hero, All Might

This obsessive drive has developed Enji throughout his life, with duplicated failure plaguing him since his youth. Committed to his studies and hero work, Enji strived to become the country’s strongest authoritarian Pro Hero.

My Hero Academia Chapter 301 Summary & Character View.
The Cold Cold Enji.

However, All Might’s figure manifested itself too much of an insurmountable obstacle for him or anyone else to overwhelm, leaving Enji in a growing state of desperation as he became more and more knowledgeable that closing the gap between him and the Representation of Peace was futile.

The Cold Cold Enji!

As a result, Enji transformed into a cold, callous person who didn’t care for anything but his unattainable dream, something a young Inasa Yoarashi would notice by just glancing at his eyes. Enji has always been aware of his weaknesses. Still, due to his stubbornness, he never once thought about surrendering his wish, wanting to accomplish it at any cost, and even catching on to his purposes to another person if necessary.

As a way to compare the downsides of his Quirk, something he perpetually found cumbersome. Enji sought to have a child with an ice Quirk user to create someone that could receive his will. This way, Enji would have his Quirk obtained and his training and expertise by a “classic” successor. Enji would prove himself to be a wicked, corrupt father and husband, with his actions negatively affecting all segments of the family he formed. Shoto, his most recent child, was admitted his masterpiece; A tool that possessed all the right ingredients to exceed All Might’s strength and nothing else.

As a result, Enji concentrated all his hopes on Shoto; Forcing him through incredibly harsh discipline from a young age and showing no interest in his desires. The rest were overlooked and perceived as “failures” that weren’t authorized to communicate with their younger sibling. When his wife dropped to a mental malfunction and attacked Shoto. Enji sent her away to a psychiatric ward solely to block her from getting in the way of his child’s improvement.

The Villan: Dabi

As a child, Toya was very dynamic and boisterous and wanted to learn as much as feasible from his father. Because his father Enji had maintained that he would be the one to transcend All Might. Toya became approved to fulfill that dream, becoming just as headstrong as his father to become the next number one.

This drive to exceed All Might was so great that Enji continuously told him to deliver this goal and concentrate on something else in life. He declined and advanced training, burning himself in the process.

My Hero Academia Chapter 301 Summary & Character View.
The Bad Bad Dabi.

After being presented by Enji, who became focused on Toya’s youngest brother Shoto, Toya insisted that he went through an existential disaster at some point while crying out of disappointment every night. The constant pressure and distress caused Toya to ultimately lose her sanity. After faking his death, become a deadly criminal controlled by ruining his father’s character.