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Attack On Titan Episode 12 Breakdown and Episode 11 Recap

Tell me need to answer me! Why did my mom have to die in agony like that...?- Find Out The Answer.

On 22 February 2021, the 11th episode of Attack on Titans was released. Which lead its fan excited and anxious for the next episode. The 11th episode talks about Gabi Braun and Falco Grice flee the prison and take sanctuary with the Braus family, who receive them as a runaways pair. Kaya, one of the orphans who lives and works with them; Is conscious that the two are actually from Marley and takes them to where her mother was assassinated by a Titan four years ago.

She asks them what her mother had done to warrant such a gruesome death and cannot allow Gabi’s rhetoric about needing to pay for the sins of Eldians performed long ago.

Attack On Titan Episode 12 Breakdown & 11 Recap
Attack On Titan Episode 11.

Falco demonstrates that her mother was a victim of state during an earlier mission. After coming to terms with that, Kaya attempts to take them to meet a Marley at the restaurant the Braus family is going to to find a way to get Gabi and Falco home. Elsewhere, Hnage Zoe must deal with insubordination when Floch Forster and three other scout Regiment features are caught leaking information about Erem Jaeger’s incarceration.

In Marley, the military has recognized that Zeke Jaeger has faked his demise and likely sided with Paradis Island. Rather than wait six months for a global invasion, Reiner Braun recommends they make a surprise attack before Zeke can manifest a defensive plan. Gabi Braun feigns illness in their cell, so Falco Grice’s shouts of concern can draw in a Garrison guard to look at her. When the guard approaches, Gabi suddenly attacks him, beating his head with a cloth-wrapped brick. Falco expresses doubts about their escape, but Gabi believes that staying will result in them being killed.


In Marley, Reiner Braun awakens in a hospital with Porco Galliard and Pieck by his bed. He asks where Gabi and Falco are.
After working all night, Gabi and Falco take an interim by a river. Falco recommends Gabi take off her armband to avoid standing out. However, she says no ordinary person will know what it means anyway. Falco is concerned the officers will, though, and they already do not know if they will make it back home. However, Gabi does not care intending only to make it far enough to get discoveries out of Zeke Jaeger before she is killed.

Attack On Titan Episode 12 Breakdown & 11 Recap

She tells Falco he does not have to follow her. He agrees and tears off her armband, assisting Gabi to knock him to the ground to command it back. She feels the armband regards her as a good Eldian, and without it, she is the corresponding as the “island devils.” She catches her armband back and tearfully asks Falco why he grew with her to the airship. Before he can answer, they are prevented by the arrival of Kaya, who asks where they developed from so early in the morning. Gabi says they ran away from home as she approaches for a rock to throw. However, Kaya accepts her statement and encourages them to eat at her home.

The Devils

When they land at the rural house where Kaya lives, she asks them to wait outside. Gabi regards the corralled horses nearby and proposes escaping on one before the volunteers catch up with them. She also does not want to eat besides “devils.” However. Kaya quickly calls them in, and Falco shows Gabi to let him do the talking.

Falco includes them in the Braus family as siblings Ben and Mia and endeavors to work if they will let them wait for a few days. Artur Braus welcomes them and says there is no need for them to bow. They can last as long as they like, and he summons them to breakfast.
They sit down, and Lisa Braus attempts to pat Gabi on the head, only for Gabi to push her arm away in terror. Though the other children at the table are shocked, Lisa regrets saying that Gabi must have been through a lot.

Attack On Titan Episode 12 Breakdown & 11 Recap

Falco withdraws as well and digs into his breakfast in an endeavor to break the tension. He tries to get Gabi to eat as well, and she hesitantly takes a bite. At the port, Kiyomi Azumabi compliments Dhalis Zachary on the military’s victorious raid on Liberio. She has brought along with her an investigation craft, the world’s first flying watercraft powered by Iceburst Stone.


Outside of military quarters, members of the public; Including Flegel Reeves, ask Hange Zoe about intelligence that Eren Jaeger and the Anti-Marleyan Missionaries have been detained. They also ask about the orders to abandon Shiganshina District.
Hange pushes alongside their questions, deferring them to the Military Police. However, Peaure requires that all Eldians should have a voice in how Eren is marketed, given how he has achieved a victory for them. Similarly, Royreminds Hange of their potential for everyday people to get connected during the coup detat. He asks if they have developed their views.

Attack On Titan Episode 12 Breakdown & 11 Recap

Frustrated, Hange says the circumstances have changed now that their Walls are open and accelerates Peaure out of their way. Flegel says he appreciates Hange’s condition and asks them to look in his eyes and tell him that he can trust them. Hange looks over their shoulder and tells him this is for the Eldian people before managing inside the gate.

Inside, Hange meets with the Scout Regiment comrades who leaked the information about Eren’s incarceration. Floch Forster says they did it because Eren has not done anything wrong and should be released. He views Eren as a benefactor, but Hange does not believe that the rumbling is a real safety measure.

Attack On Titans Episode 12 Release Date

Attack on Titans episode 12 will be released on 1st March 2021. The episode talks about Kaya leading Falco Grice and Gabi Braun to the Blouse shelters, which Sasha Blouse’s mother and dad run. The two Warrior Candidates pretend to be runaways and are allowed to stay for as long as they need.

However, Kaya exhibits that she knows they are Marleyans and asks what her mother could have done to earn so much resentment that they would have a Titan eat her. Falco apologizes and explains Marley’s long-term invasion plan. Recognizing that they had nothing to do with it, Kaya offers to take them to Niccolo, who strength be able to help them get back to Marley.

Meanwhile, Hnage Zoe deals with rebellion from several Survey Corps soldiers who leaked tender information to the press. Dot Pixis understands they might have been negotiated by Yelena since there was a change in Floch Forster while he was committed to keeping an eye on her.

Hange is interrupted by finding themselves in the same condition that Djel Sannes had informed them about years ago. On Hange’s orders, Mikasa Ackerman locks up Louise, who had converted a soldier because Mikasa’s performance-inspired her in Trost District’s Battle. Louise asks if Mikasa became a soldier because Eren Yeager saved her, but Mikasa tells her to keep her mouth closed.

The Escaped House

Falco Grice and Gabi Braun are practiced by Kaya to a farm and are told to wait by the horse enclosure. Gabi suggests they use a horse to leave. However, Falco understands that moving recklessly will catch them. He would instead stay for a few days. When they are invited in, Falco encourages Gabi to let him handle the talking.

The man center asks what they ran away for. Gabi is surprised that he has what she reflects as a southern Marleyan weight. Falco presents himself as “Ben” and Gabi as “Mia,” informing him that they are siblings who ran away from home. The man tells them they are free to stay as long as needed and offers them some breakfast. Lisa returns Gabi some food, and when she pats her head, Gabi piercingly spanks her hand away. Falco announces and coaxes Gabi to eat.

Kiyomi Azumabito meets with Darius Zackly to compliment him on the operations against Marley. He, in turn, thanks Hizuru for becoming trust in Eldia, and  Kiyomi for being compliant to visit, given the scrutiny the rest of the world is currently implementing to Paradis Island.

The Conclusion

He requests her to return any time to “the most vulnerable island in the world.” Zackly asks about a protected aircraft in the harbor. Kiyomi calls it the “world’s first flying boat.” It will also be the first vehicle that will use ice discharge stone as a source of fuel. Hange is flooded with questions.

Outside a service facility, Hange Zoe is besieged by reporters along with Flegel Reeves. They flood them with proposals about Eren Yeager being held captive in a cell and how homeowners are being told to leave Shiganshina District. Hange defers all recommendations to the Military Police; On approaching the gate, is defied by Flegel, who asks if he can still imagine them. Hange tells him that everything they do is for the sake of the Eldian characters.

Inside the building, Hange defies the four soldiers who drooled the news about Eren Yeager’s bondage to the press. Hange asks Floch Forster why they did this, and Floch responds that it was to free Eren. The “rumbling” is what supports their right to live, and by engaging Marley. Floch believes Eren lessened the lives of every resident in the new Eldian Empire. Hange counters that it made the complete island a target for the rest of the world. There is no guarantee the rumbling will work. Hange acknowledges that they went simultaneously with Zeke Yeager’s plan. So the contract for being in this situation falls on them.

However, Hange cannot tolerate further disobedience and has the dissenting soldiers arrested. Hange remembers Djel Sannes’s information to them about how someone perpetually needs to be in his role but calms themselves before giving in to disappointment.