Jujutsu Kaisen Episode 20 Release Date and 19th Episode Recap

On 20 February 2021 19th Episode Black Flash of Jujutsu Kaisen was released, which lead its fans more excited and enthusiastic for the 20th episode. The 19th Episode of Jujutsu is called Black Flash. It is a special jujutsu attack that significantly magnifies the user’s physical hit when the magician applies their cursed energy within one-millionth of a second. It talks about Black Flash that is a malformation in space that occurs when cursed energy is implemented with 0.000001 seconds of a substantial hit. When a sorcerer can accomplish this, their cursed energy dispatches black, and the effectiveness of their strike is equal to a mechanical impact to the power of 2.5

20th Episode Of Jujutsu Kaisen Release Date & 19th Episode Recap

This technique necessitates incredible consistency, and no jujutsu sorcerer can use it at will, not even Satoru Gojo. Sorcerers directed to unleash Black Flash have an immeasurably higher understanding of the structure of cursed energy. For sorcerers, the mental process of handling cursed life becomes as simple as breathing. Yuji and Aoi catch over the fight against Hanami. Aoi commands Yuji to unleash a procedure known as “Black Flash.” Understanding this move can allow Yuji to grow more robust than ever before.


Momo uses her broom to fly Toge and Noritoshi’s ignorant bodies away from the battleground. While carrying both the boys out, Momo confirms she’s surprised they ended up in this situation considering their strength. She determines to put her faith in Aoi because she understands, if nothing else, he’s healthy.

Meanwhile, Aoi and Yuji make a compelling entry to save Maki and Megumi from Hanami. Megumi tries to recommend Yuji of Hanami’s force, but Aoi calls out to Panda, who abruptly appears. He asks Panda to take Megumi and Maki apart while he and Yuji keep Hanami intrusive. Megumi pleads to convince them to re-think this. However, Yuji assures Megumi that it’ll be okay.

20th Episode Of Jujutsu Kaisen Release Date & 19th Episode Recap

Aoi discerns that Megumi can see Yuji undertaking to grow as well. Megumi tells Yuji he’ll kill him if he falls again, and then Panda germinates Megumi and Maki away. As Yuji prepares to fight, Aoi reveals that he won’t intervene until Yuji uses Black Flash. If Yuji is powerless to use this secret technique, Aoi is qualified to watch Yuji die.

Hanami takes note of Aoi’s durability but believes he’s still weaker than himself. Yuji asks Hanami if there is a patch-faced sickening spirit in his group, and Hanami hints that it’s reasonable. Angry, Yuji produces a giant splash of water by connecting the river and forces rocks through it.

Holding Back Yuji

Hanami disregards them and spots Yuji concluding the distance. He endeavors to counter Yuji with a wooden ball. However, the jujutsu student rushes past it and lands a flurry of kicks. Hanami confirms he’s faster than Maki but is frustrated by his strength. By holding back, Yuji obtains an opening on Hanami because he’s undervaluing his opponent. Yuji approximately unleashes the Black Flash. However, his excitement over how expletives have affected his friends causes a temporary lapse in focus.

After landing an incompetent hit, Yuji retreats, and Aoi beats him for not meditating correctly. Aoi shows his new friend that he must overcome his anger and drown out all disturbances. Thanks to his new best friend’s advice, Yuji prepares himself to unleash the Black Flash. Black Flash is delivered when the jujutsu sorcerer practices cursed enthusiasm within 0.000001 seconds of a substantial hit.

No magician can use it at will, and those who have used it have an unbelievably better understanding of offensive energy than those who have not. Yuji stares with such extreme focus that he begins to droll. Just as his saliva hits the territory, Yuji blitzes Hanami and beats him with cursed energy that flits black. Black Flash! Hanami is overwhelmed by the hit’s durability, while Aoi is happy to see Yuji pull it off

Jujutsu Kaisen Epiosde 20 Release Date

Jujutsu Kaisen Episode 20 will be releasing on 1st March 2021. The battle that prevented the Goodwill Event comes to a climactic end as Satoru Gojo joins the competition. However, Mahito’s group maintains its schemes in the knowledge amongst all the chaos. As Juzo uses his ax to diverge soundwaves of disgusting energy sent at him by Gakuganji, the curse user receives the older man’s cursed technique increases the music he plays, and launches it.

20th Episode Of Jujutsu Kaisen Release Date & 19th Episode Recap

Juzo understands that his passageway makes him an anticipated mid-ranged fighter. At the same time, Utahime advances further into the school toward the battleground. She calls Momo, who has transferred Shoko to Miwa and the others. Due to the nature of the decoration, reception is still operating on phones. Utahime is disrupted when she’s suddenly overwhelmed by a cure user wielding a hand-sword. Nobara and Mai appear to back her up when suddenly the decoration disappears. The curse user must flee as Juzo looks up to see Satoru Gojo hovering high in the sky.

Gojo’s Inspection

Gojo inspects the entire battleground with his high vantage point in the sky. He notices Yuji staring at him and is astonished to see how strong he’s grown. As Aoi presents sense working well with Yuji, Gojo estimates they’ll be okay on their own for a while.
Instead, Gojo starts by facing Juzo. Gakuganji quickly sounds for Gojo not to kill the curse user. In moments, Gojo slaughters all Juzo’s limbs, immediately immobilizing him. He asks Gakauganji to get him medicated for questioning while thinking over the situation.

Gojo mentioned the curse user who engaged Utahime has fled, and Hanami will likely follow suit. Gojo decides to get a little crazy to prevent the appropriate grade from escaping, simultaneously activating the Limitless Technique Reversal: Red and the Strengthened Limitless Technique: Blue.

Hanami endeavors to leave the area, claiming he’s not proud enough to face Gojo. Yuji tries to pursue, but Aoi stops him, fearing his new friend will become collateral damage.

Gojo unleashes the Limitless Hollow Technique: Purple, a giant blast created by a warp in space-time that hollows a large preponderance of the forest. The fissure formed by the intervention is so huge that Aoi can’t even tell if the disgusting spirit was exorcised.
Meanwhile, Mahito leaves one of the vaults on campus, depressed about if Hanami is okay. He assassinates two school staff members on his way out, stating the commission has been accomplished.

The Conclusion

In the aftermath of the conflicts between the sorcerer and foul spirits, both sides regroup. The evildoer’s plans continue on inventory while Jujutsu High’s magicians try to pick up the pieces. At first, they seem to think removing the Goodwill Event is the best course of action. However, they may have one last opportunity to settle the score between the students.

Somewhere deep in a marsh away from Jujutsu High, the curse user with the hand sword dislikes being powerless to do anything on the mission. However, he adds that connected to himself. Hanami is working too hard. In unfortunate shape, with half his body wanting, Hanami collapses. The curse user withdraws his sword. However, Mahito puts the individual back in his place and authenticates he could steal two sets of appropriate grade cursed something that was sealed away. He could pinch the six Sukuna’s extremities and Death Painting Wombs No. 1-3.

Suguru improved plan the mission ahead of time by framing a way through Tengen’s Barrier. By distributing Mahito’s cursed energy on one of the fingers, Jujutsu High took it. It was manageable to find the vault. They also intended to use the Curtain as a diversion so Mahito could steal the items without being seen by Gojo. Hanami has been initially going to kill students adjacent to the distraction, but Suguru felt there was a landmine between them for Sukuna. With this mission, the criminals put the first stages of their plan to seal Satoru Gojo away on October 31st in Shibuya.