Hori San To Miyamura kun Upcoming Episode Details

Hori san to Miyamura kun web series was released in the year 2011. The series earned amazing ratings and is now ready for a grand launch in the year 2021. 4 episodes of Hori san to Miyamura kun have already out and now fans are waiting for the fifth episode. The first episode that was released in the year 2018 is called Hori and Miyamura: New Semester where

Kyoko Hori, is the most attractive girl in her class, dresses evidently at home and takes care of the housework. One day, Izumi Miyamura, the class loner, explores her secret when he escorts her younger brother, Sota, home from a nosebleed. Hori realizes that Miyamura wears piercings outside of school and has tattoos. However, the two decide to keep each others’ mysteries and befriend each other as Miyamura remains to visit to play with Sota. Meanwhile, Toru Ishikawa, a classmate, befriends Miyamura notwithstanding his impressions of Hori and tells him that he plans to admit to her.

Hori San To Miyamura kun Upcoming Episode Release Date

Miyamura puts an interval between himself and Hori until she resists him, upset that he had withdrawn her to protect her reputation. The two make up, with Hori demonstrating she rejected Ishikawa. As Miyamura recalls his dark past, for a class outline, Hori, Ishikawa, and Yoshikawa form a group with him, and he understands he has them to call his friends.

Episode 2: Hori and Miyamura: Sudden Rain

The student committee asks Hori to help plan a welcome party for the new students, so she urges Miyamura to help buy eggs throughout a flash sale. On the way, Miyamura unwittingly exposes his actual appearance in front of Yoshikawa. At night, Miyamura finds Hori’s college preparation worksheet crumpled up, comforts her over her ambiguity of the future, and gives her a spare worksheet the next day.

Later, the student council challenges Hori of losing the budget report. However, Miyamura establishes her innocence by revealing Remi had thrown them away after miscounting and then headbutts Sengoku.

After school, Hori asks Miyamura why he is so sensitive to her, but he doesn’t hear her over the rain. In the end, Miyamura evades punishment because his headbutting Sengoku goes ignored by the other students. At the same time, Hori exhibits she helped the student committee out of guilt for bullying Sengoku in their childhood.

Episode 3: Hori and Miyamura: I Love

As summer looms, Sakura falls in love with Ishikawa when he assists her pick up the writings she scattered. Hori gives Miyamura ice cream, which he distributes with Ishikawa and Sengoku. Hori and Miyamura lose a game amongst their friends, and they are punished for getting drinks for them, with Ishikawa’s disagreement about what happened between them.

Hori San To Miyamura kun Upcoming Episode Release Date
Ishikawa notices Hori is annoyed when Miyamura’s authentic expression, shared in a magazine article, draws attention from various girls. When Ishikawa defies Miyamura about Hori, Miyamura refutes that she has feelings for him, and they get into an argument.
The two regret, while Miyamura reveals to Yoshikawa that Hori was the beginning of their fight. After school, Hori and Miyamura associate their hands, and Hori nearly acknowledges her feelings to him.

Confused about their discussion, the two get into a piece of evidence about it the next day at school. However, afterward, Miyamura visits her house, withdrawing. As the day ends, the two recognize their growing affections for each other.

Episode 4: Hori and Miyamura: Summer Flu

While out in the city, Hori and Ishikawa meet Shindo, Miyamura’s intermediate school classmate. Later, Hori falls sick, and Miyamura attendants her, learning more about the isolation she encounters in the process. Believing Hori to be asleep, Miyamura acknowledges his feelings for her.

However, Sota describes Miyamura as a different girl, unaware that she is Shindo’s girlfriend, Chika. Hori becomes upset and withdraws Miyamura, completing in her throwing her textbook at him. When Miyamura appears at her home to return the book, the two regret each other. Hori allows Miyamura to explain, and her father, Kyosuke, prevents them.

Episode 5 Hori san to Miyamura kun Release Date

Episode 5 Hori san to Miyamura kun will be released by May 2021

At Katagiri Senior High School, Kyouko Hor embraces her friend Yuki Yoshikawa before their class begins. Yuki asks if she could imitate her English notes, and Kyouko hands above her notebook while punishing her friend for neglecting to do her translations. While the two chat regarding Yuki’s friend is demanding Kyouko’s number, Kyouko unexpectedly knocks her eraser off the desk. Izumi Miyamura, who is crawling by, picks it up and surrenders it to her.

Kyouko and Yuki watch Izumi head to his desk, and Yuki reflects on his gloomy aura. They both believe Izumi is an otaku, and Kyouko implores a mental image of him playing with a marionette. Yuki moves on from the subject and summons Kyouko to karaoke. She turns down the offer, much to Yuki’s frustration.

Hori San To Miyamura kun Upcoming Episode Release Date

After Kyouko bids goodbye to Yuki and her friends, she heads home, quickly changes clothes, and begins sweeping the house. As she goes to pick up her younger sibling, Souta Hori, Kyouko mentally comments on her parents’ busy lives, which transmits her with the daily accountability of taking care of Souta and no time to consume with friends, a side of her that she did not want others understanding about.

One day, as Kyouko includes the house, Souta retreats home and calls out to his sister. Kyouko approaches him. However, the view of his bleeding nose shakes her, and she nags him over what occurred. A young man excuses himself and states that he will take his permission, given that Souta seems to be alright. Souta tugs at his shirt while urging him to stay and Kyouko, remorseful over not regarding him earlier, also demands that he remains for a bit as a thank-you for supporting Souta.

Many Many Piercings

Over tea, Kyouko thanks the man and notices his many piercings. The man represents how Souta was scared by a dog, following in him falling and holding his bloody nose. He reflects on Souta being quite smart, having told him his name and business with ease, though Kyouko tries to oppose this and states Souta is relatively unstudied. He remains and praises Kyouko for maintaining the house on her own, stunning her.

Seeing her response, the man attempts to confirm her identity by stating her class, and Kyouko reinforces the fact. However, shakingly claims if he also goes to her school. He acknowledges that he is Izumi Miyamura, and Kyouko recognizes the vastly different Izumi she remembers from their class.

The next day at school, Kyouko distressingly adjudicates to see how the Izumi she knows inside class versus outline, of course, is the corresponding. Furthermore, she understands that Izumi saw her hidden side and without makeup, which produces her further agony.
However, she determines to address him during class, and they go external to talk, where she summons Izumi to come over to her house again as per Souta’s appeal. Surprised, Izumi acknowledges and plans to bring a picture book for Souta and reveals he assumed Kyouko to avoid him after the prior day’s events.

The Conclusion

Confused, Kyouko urges him why she would do so; even though he had an odd front to him, the two weren’t much another in that they both have hidden sides. Hearing Kyouko’s words, Izumi flushes and smiles. Seeing his wonderful smile, Kyouko mentions that Izumi should take off his glasses and tie his hair up like when they met. However, he tells her his piercings would show if he did. Kyouko questions Izumi’s piercing count, and he acknowledges that he has nine: four on each ear, and one on his lip, accumulating a comment from Kyouko that he has too many.

As Izumi begins periodically hitting her house, Kyouko discovers that he isn’t an otaku, his family owns a patisserie, his piercings were done by himself when he was in junior high, that his studying experience wasn’t exceptional, aside from perfect records in health and physical education. Izumi commends Kyouko’s grades upon observing them, and Kyouko reprimands him for smiling when she teases Souta for not knowing the basics of their high school education, given that Izumi himself has disastrous grades and poor knowledge of the basics.