Shumatsu no Valkyrie: Record of Ragnarok

Humanity Is Doomed. Lets Find Out What Happens Next.

Warner Bros Japan has recently published the anime arrangement of the legendary manga series by Shinya Umemura, Takumi Fukui, with Ajichika’s Comix as the cartoonist, titled ‘Shumatsu no Valkyrie: Record of Ragnarok’ that will release soon.
The majestic battle between distinguished gods and heroes across various mythicisms has had an excellent consequence on the readers. The anime adaptation is already here to boost its universality.

Shumatsu no Valkyrie: Record of Ragnarok

Directed by Masao Ookubo and explained by studio Graphinica, the forthcoming anime will feature Kazuyuki Fudeyasu as the series Yasuharu Takanashi the music composer, Graphinica as the animator, and Masaki Saito as the character designer. The international fans will be able to watch the series on Crunchyroll with English subtitles.

Humanity Is Doomed

Two valkyrie sisters, the dearest Brunhilde, and the most junior Goll, are at The Council of Valhalla, establishing their place in the parliament structure where every god from every pantheon has congregated every thousand years to determine the fate of humanity through a vote.

Presiding over the association is a seemingly frail older man who is continuously flourishing due to his advanced age. It is Zeus, the chairman. Slow-moving him lies a giant female monster whom he gently caresses. The gods are about to vote whether they will spare understanding for different one thousand years or destroy them. The gods consistently declare that society is cancer upon the world and an opportunity for their eradication. Among the most vocal advocates of the genocide are Aphrodite and Shiva.

Shumatsu no Valkyrie: Record of Ragnarok

There is no way to complain to gods’ will. Humanity is doomed. However, before Zeus concludes the decision, Brunhilde speaks up.
The audience is shocked that a mere Valkyrie will have the boldness to oppose the gods’ will. Brunhilde reveals her belief that simply slaughtering humanity would be too dull, and alternatively, they should test them to see if they deserve to live. Brunhilde’s purposes they combine the Ragnarok, the final conflict of humankind against the gods.

Everyone is surprised since the Ragnarok clause was taken as a joke when written in Valhalla’s organization and was never implemented since a human can’t probably win against a god.

Independent Unit

At first, gods call the thought foolish and ridiculous. However, they head-on, gods take the bait when Brunhilde questions them if they are chickening out. At first, they laugh but then suddenly show anger since the remark hurt their dignity. Everything went as Brunhilde demanded.

Commotion is cut short when the chairman Zeus lectures up. He declares for everyone to hear that the recommendation was an “independent unit.” His arm gets too powerful when said that, and he rips off a part of the dragon’s head. With the chairman in the state of criminal and deranged frenzy, no one dares to confront his decision on showcasing the might of gods to humanity. As Brunhilde and Göll transmit the parliament, Göll questions why her sister opposed the gods’ will. To that, Brunhilde answers that the bond between humanity and Valkyries is a lot more complicated than those of the gods, and there is no way she could leave them.

The Strongest Nordic God

Her sister’s words and bravery got Goll to calm down. Göll is still skeptical of humanity’s ability to win against the gods, and she was admiring. Who will be representing the gods? Before Brunhilde can answer, Incubus resembles. He says that gods are heartless and self-centered, and only he could defend Brunhilde.

Brunhilde suddenly collapses to her knees. Incubus believes it is a sign of Valkyrie’s obedience to him. That was his last decision before a giant hammer operated by the strongest Nordic god Thor slaughtered the demon’s torso. Brunhilde, who maintained kneeling, is now included in blood and bits of Incubus. Göll was so afraid that she couldn’t even assemble enough strength to kneel adjacent to her sister. However, Thor was dragging by. Before starting, he asked Brunhilde what she was intriguing, to which the eldest Valkyrie feigned unawareness of what he was talking about.

Shumatsu no Valkyrie: Record of Ragnarok

Thor said he would kill Brunhilde if she frustrates him. Göll is on her knees and she is practically angry at herself from fear and astonishment that her sister was so calm to her. She was perhaps even more nervous and was trembling like a leaf.

1Epiosde Shumatsu no Valkyrie: Record Of Ragnarock Release Date

They get to their HQ, where they begin choosing the 13 strongest humans who will represent humanity. Brunhilde chooses a person she met on the battleground and describes him as the most unmerciful warrior. Regarding who she chose, Göll protests, saying that the man is way too serious.

In the Valhalla Arena, Heimdall, the Apocalypse watchman, is the broadcaster and the acting judge of the competition. He declares to everyone that the fight will be to the death. In the first bout, he presents the god of discharge and wielder of Mjolnir, the most powerful god of the words – Thor. As Heimdal provides to declare his human opponent, soldiers begin beating the drums.

A red horse with wild eyes appears from the opposing entrance. Upon it sits a human figure covered in black bindings and incorporated with sealing charms. The man explodes out of the bindings, and he is the most powerful man since the dawn of history. China’s most famous hero, Lu Bu. Gods are in shock, and understanding is in awe.

Heimdall declares the beginning of the match. Some of Lu Bu’s counterparts doubt whether or not Lu Bu is genuinely the most effective. Lu Bu’s army, however, is observing and is shedding tears of joy.

The youngest, Valkyrie Goll, and the most beloved, Brunhilde, are watching from a balcony. Göll appears doubtful on Lu Bu’s chances at winning. Contrary to everyone’s expectations, the soldiers lower their weaponry and begin marching toward each other. Two completely various beings who share one thing in common: their claim to being the most effective. Both of them require to annihilate their opponent with a single strike.

1st Episode Shumatsu no Valkyrie: Record Of Ragnarock will release in Spring 2021.

Thor’s Hammer

They exchange blows and realize that they are alike. Even though Zeus is confident that Thor will easily beat his opponent once he let his real powers go. The fight continues. Electricity begins originating from Thor’s gloves as he raises the hammer, raises his head with both his arms and bends backward. Odin realizes that Thor is about to make his signature move, Thor’s hammer.

Thor’s backstory is like an open book to the world. In the ancient era, the enormous walls bounded Asgradmeant to protect against the giants of Jotunheim. On the walls, there are guards keeping watch. Some guards feel bored since they haven’t ever seen battle or even giants since they joined the vigil.

Suddenly they see an enormous army of Jotnar quickly closing in on the city. Despite the supporters’ best efforts, the walls are fallen, and Jotnar begins flowing into Asgard, demolishing buildings, killing and eating soldiers and civilians. Asgard finds itself on the edge of extinction. In the castle, the god of justice Forseti and some descendants are groveling behind strengthened doors as the Jotnar knocks and taunts them from the other side. That’s when Thor arrives, carrying his Mjolnir.

The Conclusion

He opens the doors and blows down the mountains faster than they can realize what is occurring. Whilst efficiently performing a task nobody else could achieve, Thor was feeling boredom. The sun rises upon the 66 carcasses of the enemies slain entirely by Thor.

Back in the arena, electric arcs are getting from Thor as he is about to unleash his recent move on Lu Bu. There’s a blinding burst of light and a strong shock wave that beats back many spectators. Many believe this is the end of round one. Surpassing everyone’s expectations, Lu Bu perseveres without a scratch and inflicts a wound upon Thor in swift punishment. Blood spouts from Thor’s coffin as it confused the gods with shock while Lu Bu’s strategist is shining with pride.