Black Clover Season 4 Episode 166 Spoiler and Details

On 23rd February 2021 165th Episode of Black Clover season, 4 arrived which made its fanbase even more excited for the upcoming Episode. The 165th Episode is called Water Crusade and it talked about Noelle Silva begins her Sea Dragon’s Roar spell at Vanica Zograti. However, Vanica uses her Blood Magic spell, Red Beast, to counter it. Vanica requests Noelle if that snake thing was deemed to be some attack, which prevents Noelle. Robero Ringert covers his tongue around Mimosa Vermillion and proclaims that Mimosa and Noelle will be meeting him.

All of a sudden, vines sprout from his tongue and enclose around his body. Mimosa declares that she moved a Control Magic Grass seed inside her Magic Cannon Flower. She then tells Noelle and Lolpechka to concentrate on Vanica while she dispenses with the Dark Disciple.
Vanica accredits forward with her beast, which severs at Lolopechka’s water security and manages to cut Robero. After he heals, he remembers both of Vanica’s magics.

Black Clover Season 4 Episode 166 Release Date

Noelle is mentioned when Lolopechka revealed that the Dark Triad has two magical properties—their original affinity and their devil’s. Since Lolopechka had fought Vanica and Megicula, she devised plans to counter their strengths and made those tactics the center of Noelle, Mimosa, and Secre Swallowtail’s instruction.

Tree Of Qliphoth

As Vanica faces off against Lolopechka, she explains that Zenon Zograits and Dark Magic seize World Tree Magic and Dark Magic users. Gathering Dark Magic, Noelle asks what Vanica means. However, Vanica declines to divulge knowledge to nobody. Lolopechka decides to check the experience from her ancestors. She learns of the Tree of Qliphoth and is disturbed by what she sees. She explains to the others that the tree will kill over 90 percent of the continent’s people and bring the world’s end. Lolopechka questions why Vanica would do this, to which Vanica replies that she needs to fight the ones that survive since vulnerable humans do not interest her.

Episode 166 Black Clover Release Date: Captain: Yami Sukehiro

The Epiosde features Captain Yami Sukehiro Who was born in Hino Country to a couple of anglers. One day while fishing by himself, Yami destructions and washes ashore in the Clover Kingdom. There he is met with difficulties because of culture shock and racial inconsistencies.
After Yami receives his grimoire and demonstrates his Dark Magic, others hate and fear him, besides Captain Julius Navochrono. He is engaged and invites the boy to join the Magic Knights. Because Yami is a foreigner, Julius also has to guide him in the Clover Kingdom’s language. Yami later accompanies Julius’s squad, the Grey Deer.

Black Clover Season 4 Episode 166 Release Date

Years later, Yami attacks the Witche’s Forest, fights the Witch Queen, and shatters into Vanessa Enoteca’s prison, releasing her.
Yami protects Charlotte from her curse. The day after his nineteenth birthday, Yami experiences noodle soup when the Briar Magic swearing on House Roselei causes the soup to spill on him.

Cutting through the briars, Yami dares and chastises Charlotte Roselli for relying only on herself. The curse is finished, and the briars dissolve because Charlotte falls in love with Yami. After beating up those who trouble him, he becomes the Black Bull squad’s boss. At the same time as William Vengeance’s flattering captain of the Gilden Dawn squad.

Clover Kingdom

During disagreements between the Clover Kingdom and the Diamond Kingdom, Yami strikes and injures Lotus Whomalt, frightening and scarring the Diamond Kingdom mage. Yami recruits Asta. Years later, before the anniversary Magic Knights Entrance Exam, Asta runs into Yami and other Black Bull company members. Yami endangers to eliminate the boy but is closed at the beginning of the exam. Asta’s athletic ability and measurement impress and weird out the Black Bull’s authority during the exam. When none of the other commanders recruits Asta, Yami releases his magic energy and tries to intimidate the boy. However, Asta remains strong-minded and amused by the boy’s response. The captain strengthens him. Yami also recruits Noelle Silva.

The Black Bull Base

Later, Asta reflects from the bathroom, and Yami overawes Asta again for making him wait and then commences the boy through Finral Roulacase’s entrance to the Black Bulls’ base. There, Yami welcomes Asta to the squad. Yami progresses Asta to the Black Bulls. As members create a stir, Yami yells at them to cut it out, striking his fist against the wall. They end and greet him on his return. Yami then combines Asta in the squad while also establishing Asta that some squad members are absent. After Asta introduces himself, Yami surveys the rest of the squad as Asta takes on Magna Swing’s Black Bull Initiation Ceremony. During the function, Yami notices that Asta’s Demon- Slayer Sword can cut and reflect. After the commemoration, Yami watches as Asta receives his squad robe.

Black Clover Season 4 Episode 166 Release Date

Later that night, Yami remarks that Noelle’s magic has commenced rampaging. Upon reaching Noelle’s location, Yami explains how they will need Asta to cut the mana since everyone could hurt her. As the rampaging Noelle hits Asta, Yami catches Asta and then launches him while telling him to cut within the mana. After Asta commands to save Noelle, Yami remembers the kids for doing a good job.

Yami grants the Black Bulls with their star. The next day, Yami gives Asta and Noelle their first purpose: to supplement Magna on a boar hunt in Sosshi. Yami demonstrates that the emission originates from a lost bet, and when Asta and Noelle attack, Yami forces them to take it by endangering to kill them.

Golder Dawn

After Asta, Noelle, and Magna result from their mission, Yami remembers them for doing a good job and exhibits that they have obtained a star. After Yami designates that the squad has negative thirty stars, Yami gives Asta and Noelle their regular wages. Later, Yami sends Asta on a Magic Emperor’s commission to explore a dungeon with Noelle and Luck Voltia. After the three leave for the jail, Yami talks with Vanessa about transferring Asta and Noelle to the dungeon and the purpose he sent Luck with them.

After a while, Yami recognizes that the Golden Dawn sent a group to the dungeon and sensations to get along. A week later, Yami mentions that Asta is up and tells him that he did an excellent job with the dungeon even though he was in tatters. Yami also tells Asta that he is to head over to the Magic Knights quarters and report what occurred in the jail. As Luck gets excited to head to the office, Yami familiarizes him that he will be going on a Magna commission instead. Charmy Pappitson offers to go to Luck’s place, but Yami says she is not functioning since she eats.

After Asta, Noelle, and Charmy retreat from the capital and exhibit that they have been developed for their parts in the Udead Invasion, Yami demonstrates the Magic Knights are traveling and how Magna and Luck have not established up since they joined.
Yami also explains to Asta that he has done an outstanding job and notices that Asta is worried. He tells him that Fuegoleon Vermillion will not die. When Asta decides to train, Yami suggests to him that he should relax. Suddenly Final means Asta out, and Yami points out that Finral demands to work.

The Conclusion

After Noelle reports about the captured children, Yami has Finral take them both to Narin. Upon appearing in the cave, Yami prevents an attack by Licht. As Finral used his magic to get the children and injured to safety, Yami tells Finral to come back while forming the spells that Licht originates at Finral. As Asta is astonished by Yami’s skill and sword, Yami explains what his katana is, all the while continuing to counter Licht’s spell. Licht attempts to attack Yami from behind, but Yami immediately counters.

As Yami and Licht begin talking, Licht tells a story about a dominant group killed by humans that Yami stands by telling Licht how he became the Black Bulls operator. As Valtos yells at Yami for producing Licht’s fun, Yami yells back about Valtos’ face. However, he is wounded for attempting to counter Licht’s spell. Yami discerns that Licht’s attacks are increasing speed and continues to hold against Licht’s aggression. Yami demands if Licht is the one that struck Fuegoleon, which Licht affirms.