The Last Movie Stars Cast

What is the Cast of Documentary ‘The Last Movie Stars’?

People always talk about how good movie stars were a thing in the past. At the same time, we don’t completely agree with the statement, seeing some amazing current performances. Yesteryear’s stars indeed had a special quality about them. Their mannerisms and the charisma they held on the screen were commendable. This is why actor and director Ethan Hawke has decided to remember two legends in his new docu-series. We will talk about The Last Movie stars cast in this article and the docu-series. The stars of the 50s and 60s Hawke has chosen for the series are Paul Newman and Joanne Woodward.

You might recognize Ethan Hawke as the star of the hit trilogy movie Before Sunset. It seems like acting is not the only field Hawke can ace in. He is on the director’s chair this time, bringing these untold stories to our screens. Let’s get into the article and meet the cast of the docu-series and where to watch it.

The Last Movie Stars

The docu-series will showcase the life of actors Paul Newman and Joanne Woodward. The series is expected to showcase their love story, marriage, and respective Hollywood industry careers. The official trailer is already out, and it looks quite promising. Hawke starts by explaining how he got the idea to make a film on Newman by him only. Many interviews were destroyed in a house fire that contained recordings from the actors’ friends and family. The survived transcripts of the interview are being made into a docu-series.

What is the release date of The Last Movie Stars?

The series is all set to release on Thursday, July 21. There will be a total of six parts in the series. All the parts will be available to watch on July 21. The last movie stars will be available to stream on HBO Max. There is no information regarding its availability in the UK or parts of the world where HBO Max is currently unavailable. We will be sure to update this article on new news regarding where to stream it outside of the USA.

The cast of The Last Movie Stars

The lineup of stars for the series is quite commendable. It is already been directed by the actor, writer, and director Ethan Hawke. George Clooney will play the role of Paul Newman. Laura Linney is cast in the role of Joanne Woodward. The actors and actresses will be bought in to read from the transcripts available. The life of the stars will be unfolded via these modern stars’ speech and voices. Other star casts include Brooks Ashmanskas, Bobby Cannavale, Billy Crudup, Josh Hamilton, Zoe Kazan, Sam Rockwell, and Steve Zahn.

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The docu-series trailer is available and talks about the directing vision of the director Ethan Hawke. The trailer shows glimpses of the star cast on a zoom call together, discussing the series’ vision and process.