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Big Timber Season 3: Release Date And Where To Watch?

While there are a plethora of fictional shows available on almost all streaming sites. It is also important to bring shows of different industries together. Documentaries and reality TV are one medium that can bring these types of shows into the Limelight. While people like to watch comedy and action in bulk, some people relish a wonderful reality TV show. If you are also one of the reality TV enthusiasts, the Big Timber Season 3 release might be nearing soon. Big Timber is a show which is based on the logging industry. The industry plays a huge part in the everyday life of the Canadian economy.

While a logging show might not entertain you the same way as an action show would. But watching these shows is entertaining nevertheless. The show talks about the logging community and how the process takes place. The whole process of logging the trees and taking them for processing is shown in depth in this reality series. Big Timber targeted a decent audience with its two seasons. Read on ahead to know all the details about the upcoming season and what to expect.

When will Big Timber Season 3 release?

The Season 2 of the reality series has just launched on 13th July 2022. The new season is expected to be announced soon. It is expected that the series will get a renewal for a third season. But there is no official news about when Big Timber season 3 will release. Since the show’s second season is still in its release phase, we are doubtful that work has started on the new season. Still, fans eagerly await confirmation on the new season of Big Timber. If the show gets a third season, it is expected to release in 2023.

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What can be expected from Big Timber Season 3?

What they might show next in a reality TV series can never be predicted. But the new season is also expected to showcase and handle tactics of the logging business. The show is expected to return with a new season which might get ahead to the next step of procuring logs. The show also opened a new scope of how business can be used to gain entertainment. The logging business has a lot of potentials, and all the business strategies are explored in the show. Big Timber’s season 3 release is expected to widen the knowledge base on the logging industry.

Who will return to Big Timber Season 3?

The show, being a reality tv series, has a cast who acts as loggers, mechanics, and buyers. It is very interesting to see this fictionalized form of real activity. The cast members expected to return to Big Timber season 3 are Kevin Wenstob, Sarah Fleming, Erik Wenstob, Coleman Willner, John Brebber, Tyler Lindsay, and Glen Fox. The show has enjoyed a stable IMDB rating of 8 and is expected to draw the attention of more viewers with the next season. You can watch the show on the internet.

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