Top 5 songs julia jaklin

Top 5 Best Songs Of Julia Jacklin

Fans of the Indie pop and folk genres must have heard the name of Julia Jacklin. She was born on 30 August 1990 and is an Australian songwriter and singer. Jaklin made her debut with the band Phantastic Furniture. The singer has also performed two times with the band. She is a very popular singer whose songs have a very melodic streak. Today, we have round-up Top 5 Julia Jacklin songs. Keep reading the list if you are a fan of the artist or want some new music recommendations.

Top 5 Julia Jacklin songs

The task in front of us is enormous when the artist is this talented. Let’s get into the article right away.

5. Pressure to party

This is the track that made our hearts swoon. Jaklin is quite unabashed in this music piece. She talks about how society conventions us to feel after a breakup. A failed relationship and the toll it takes on the person’s mind. The song was a huge hit, complete with the music video. This song’s music video was one shot and starred pop rock band Body Type in a cameo. The most memorable lines from the song are “Pressure to come up with conversation/Makes the family fine with my isolation.” This song became the new anthem of failed relationships.

4. I was NEON

This is one of those songs which fills you with an instant epiphany. The metaphor of the word neon is used amazingly in the song. An ode to all those times a person has ever doubted himself. This is the second single from Jaklin’s third album, which was released in 2022. The album’s title is pure pleasure, and it was highly praised. The song touches on many themes like self-destruction and melancholia, etc.

3. Lydia Wears A Cross

Another song from the Pre pleasure album was released in 2022. This is also absolutely a banger track. The lyrics have a deep meaning, and the music is also very in sync with the words. Jaklin talks about the phase where one starts to question the relationship they have been in. The song very beautifully captures the beauty of religion and love. The lyrics of” I’d be a believer/If it was all just song and dance/I’d be a believer” are very popular among the artist’s fans.

2. Body

This is a very much-needed song in today’s society. The song deserves a place in the Top 5 Julia Jaklin songs because of the issues it tackles. The song talks about a past lover whose actions have turned violent for the person singing it. The result of all those actions is on the body of the person. The song very subtly touches on the issues of body shaming and abuse. The swelling guitar beat matches very perfectly with the vocals of Jaklin. It is a very important song that is always remembered for her poetic genius.

 1. Cry

This very hauntingly beautiful song was reserved for the top space in this list. The song focuses on depression and how a person tries to hide it from the world. The title cry of the song is highly ironic as the person suffering from depression cannot show their tears to the world. The pent-up frustration and anger are all explained beautifully in the song. Simply the best song by Julia Jaklin.