Jacob Batalon Steals The Limelight In Reginald The Vampire Trailer

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Jacob Batalon

Reginald The Vampire is an American TV show, on the SYFY cable channel. This show is not just a regular vampire-themed series. It stands out from the rest as with its dark and horrific blood-sucking vampire references, the show will have you laughing at the same time. Yes, you heard that right! The show is a mixture of both horror and comedy. SYFY shared a teaser of the show’s latest episode earlier this month. In the recent San Diego Comic-Con 2022, we got to witness the new episode’s full-blown trailer. A never-done-before storyline created by Harley Peyton stars versatile actors like Em Haine, Mandela Van Peebles, Rachelle Goulding, and more.

The one person who stands out from the rest and is the main character of the upcoming episode is Jacob Batalon. In the new trailer, Jacob was seen stealing the limelight with his compelling energy. The actor was recently seen in the MCU Spiderman: No Way Home too, where he was appreciated for his acting that lived up to the mark.

Jacob Batalon

What to expect from it?

The trailer showcased a world, where vampires were not living under the shadows. They did not feel the need to hide their identities and accepted their fate and addressed it with pride. In this world, Reginald (played by Jacob Batalon) was having trouble living with who he was. He felt like things were not going his way and the girl he so deeply admired did not want to be with him. He knew that he did not even stand a chance. In short, he’s just not having a good time. And that is what the show is about. It will feature the sad boy trying to find something to be joyous about.

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The show is being compared with “What we do in the shadows” which is another vampire-themed horror and funny series. But SYFY has guaranteed that the upcoming show will definitely stand out from everything that’s been done before. The show is also said to have an emotional factor to it where Reginald will have a tough time accepting who he is and why he does not feel belonged.

Release date and where to watch it?

The show is based on Johnny B. Truant’s Fat Vampire novels. It will be revolved around Reginald trying to figure out his purpose in life as a newly-made vampire. During the journey, he will discover that all along he had a few powers of his own.  Critics have already started commenting on the show and some people claimed that the series proves that living as a vampire can be just as tough as living as a normal human being.

Jacob Batalon

Jacob Batalon talked about his upcoming venture and revealed to a source how he has been overwhelmed. He spoke about how powerful it is to see someone like him, who is an Asian-American plus a Filipino, be the protagonist of a series that is being talked about so much.

According to a few sources, the show will feature a total of 10 episodes and will air on Syfy on October 5.

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