Space Force Season 2: Will It Be Renewed Or Canceled?

Netflix’s Space Force wasn’t that great of a hit or a critically acclaimed show at all. Knowing so many greats were behind the project, it should have been something of a hit. But as they say, the audience won’t always be pleased with whatever you do, it is very much true!

One of the basic things that you need to know about the series is that the brains behind the hit comedy, The Office, and later, Parks And Recreation were behind it. Not only that, Steve Carell–the man behind the success of The Office starred as a lead in the show. Having said that, Space Force didn’t do well at all!

There were many factors at play behind the lukewarm response to Space Force. First and foremost, the makers underestimated their audience. Yeah, don’t you just hate when that happens? When makers assume just because they have given one great show, the next one is going to be great too. That’s what marred the scriptwriting, the dialogue, the writing, the casting on Space Force. People went ahead and said Steve Carell wasn’t even the right choice to be cast in the lead role. And moreover, people are also seriously questioning Lisa Kudrow’s inclusion in the series.

Now if you want to know the fate of the series, please keep reading the important details, down below:

Space Force Season 2: Renewal Or Canceled?

Season 2 of Netflix’s Space Force hangs in mid-air as of now. Netflix hasn’t made any official announcement regarding the fate of the series. Whether or not it shall be canceled, remains to be seen. The important thing to remember is that Space Force comes from Greg Daniels, the same man who did The Office. And as far as we remember correctly, Greg’s shows take some time before they really take off. The same was the cast with season 1 of Steve Carell’s The Office or Parks And Recreation, for that matter. The shows took off in their second and/or third seasons and became cult hits.

Space Force: fate of the show hangs by thin threaed as of now.

If Netflix were to give a green-light to Space Force, we won’t be hearing about it anytime soon. Chances are you will because we’ll keep you updated the moment we get additional information, we’ll post it here.

Space Force: Release Date

If Space Force is renewed for Season 2, we will see it release around the same time next year, probably 2020, fall. That is of course to say that all should go well for the show in terms of scheduling operations and the logistics. At the end of Season 1, it was pretty clear thanSpace Force was building itself on strong ground and that all the characters were coming together and starting something great. People were finally getting to know Steve and Lisa’s characters.

Alright, folks! That’s all on Netflix’s Space Force for now. We will see you again with more news, information, and updates. Stay tuned.

Here’s hoping, we get another season of Space Force, soon. What do you think, do let us know down below?