A Quiet Place 2: Not So Quiet Sequel – Release Date and More

A Quiet Place was a hit at the box office, with John Krasinski as the lead, the thrilling, suspenseful yet quiet movie surpassed expectations all around and grossed $340 million worldwide. The interesting plot, storyline,, and bond with characters that this movie creates set the stage for a sequel for sure.

The second entry of the movie franchise, which was released in 2018, began later that year, and despite many other plotlines, Krasinski decided to settle on continuing the Abbot storyline. This features Emily Blunt, who happens to be Krasinski’s wife, Noah Jupe and Millicent Simmond,s along with Krasinski himself to return through flashbacks. The expectations and wait for the sequel has been high ever since and continued to stay that way due to the fantastic marketing campaign set by the team.

Photo by Dave Allocca, John Krasinski, and Emily Blunt

John Krasinski not only proved that he is a great actor along with his roles as Jim from The Office and the lead in Jack Ryan, but also a great directory for A Quiet Place franchise, which gained a nomination for Critic’s Movie Choice Award and Writer’s Guild of America Award for best original screenplay.

The movie was originally set to come out this spring but has been delayed to April 2021 due to the coronavirus pandemic.

A spinoff but not a sequel

The thriller movie’s second instalment will be like a spinoff, which is somewhat connected to the first part of the movie, and fans will have no lack of exciting thriller things. There seems to be a new threat to life in the universe and will follow the first-ever appearance of the monsters which have been haunting them. The fans will come to know if the monsters will be able to destroy human beings or not.

First reactions to the movie

The first screening of the movie has already happened as it was said to be released in March 2020, and Paramount has allowed the reactions of those who have watched to be shared on social media and by far, what we have heard about the film is overwhelmingly positive and is set to keep you on your toes.

These sample size reactions and collective praise are noteworthy as they shine out Krasinski’s ability to direct a movie. The reactions praise the ability to create tensions and scare amid an emotional plot regarding the movie and to keep you invested at the edge of your seats. It is also notable to say that A Quiet Place 2 manages to keep sound as essential and effective as the first film. The sound design of the movie is what pushes it into a thriller genre, and recapturing that essence into the second movie is a talent after all.

Are you not happy with just two installments of the franchise? Do not worry, as there are speculations that discussions for A Quiet Place 3 are already in the run as Jeff Nichols is to write and direct the third movie, which Paramount has set the release date for 2022.