Top 6 Alexa Hidden Feature You Don’t Know

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Do you own an Amazon Alexa device? If so, you’ve likely already discovered many of its impressive features. You can stream music, control your smart home devices, ask questions, and more.

But did you know that your Alexa device has far more capabilities than you may realize? Here are some of the top hidden features of your Alexa device that you may not know about.

1. Create Routines

One of the most useful hidden features of Alexa is its ability to create routines. With routines, you can program your Alexa to do a series of actions in response to a single command. For example, you could create a routine that turns on your lights, changes the temperature in your home, and starts playing your favorite music all with just one voice command. You can also customize your routines to be activated at specific times of the day or when you enter or leave your home.

2. Multi-Room Music Playback

If you have multiple Alexa devices in your home, you can use them to play music in different rooms. This feature is called multi-room music playback. With multi-room music playback, you can play the same song in all of your rooms at once or play different songs in different rooms. You can also control the volume of each room individually.

3. Drop In

Another useful hidden feature of Alexa is the Drop In feature. This feature allows you to use your Alexa device to make a one-way call to another Alexa device. This is useful if you want to check in on a family member or friend without having to actually make a call. All you have to do is say “Alexa, drop in on [name]” and your call will be connected.

4. Alexa Guard

Alexa Guard is a security feature of Alexa that can help you keep your home safe. It is designed to detect unusual sounds like broken glass or smoke alarms and notify you of the disturbance. You can also set up Alexa Guard to turn on your lights when it detects movement.

5. Voice Training

Voice training is another hidden feature of Alexa that can help you improve your device’s accuracy in understanding your voice commands. You can use voice training to teach Alexa to recognize your voice and respond better to your commands.

6. Skills

Finally, Alexa has a wide range of skills that you can enable to add even more features to your device. Skills are like apps for Alexa and they can help you do things like order a pizza, play trivia games, and more. There are thousands of skills available and you can find them by searching in the Alexa app.

These are just a few of the hidden features of the Amazon Alexa device. From creating routines and using multi-room music playback to using the Drop In feature and Alexa Guard, there are plenty of ways to enhance your Alexa experience. With voice training and skills, you can customize your device to meet your specific needs. With all these features, it’s no wonder why Alexa is so popular.


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