Tom Zanetti Net Worth

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Tom Zanetti
Tom Zanetti performing on a stage. (Credit: Shirlaine Forrest)

Tom Zanetti is naturally known as Thomas Byron Courtney. He is a British DJ who raps, sings, and produces songs for other artists.

He combines entertainment with boxing, and that is why his net worth keeps skyrocketing, like the price of crude oil in the international market.

He is a young and rich DJ cum music producer with a successful career that is likely going to be more blossoming in the future, like a bouquet of flowers preserved close to the water fountain.

Tom Zanetti Net Worth
Tom Zanetti posting backstage after the performance (Credit: Shirlaine Forrest)

The figures on his net worth are as alarming as the sound of the loudest siren of the state police van at midday when the cops are out on a chase after a dreaded gang who just robbed the government’s bank.

Those figures will be tripled in a no-distant time as long as the maverick is still in the business; this a statement that one can easily stake out his or her precious neck on without regretting it in the end.

Tom Zanetti’s Biography

Tom Zanetti is a young and veteran British DJ with the skills and tactics of the famous DJ Jimmy Savile playing on the last floor of the Loyal Order of Ancient Shepherds in Otley, England, in the year 1943.

The Belle Isle, born Thomas Byron Courtney, was given birth to on 2 July 1989. If one should decide to call him a problem child, it is fine because the entertainer ran out of school at 15 following his expulsion for indiscipline.

Being a young lad highly influenced by the muse, he went to Tinshill Learning Centre and stayed there until he became 16 and ready to embark on a journey that would eventually water the ground for his uplift in entertainment in a few years to come. And behold, he made it to the top with much easiness and now become a force to reckon with.

Tom Zanetti’s Net Worth

At this time, Zenetti is at £2 million, which is $2.6 million in Tom Zanetti’s net worth. The secret behind the rapid growth of his net worth is the recent topping of UK and American musical charts that his song have earned.

His singles “Darlin” and “You Want Me” are among the banging tunes making waves on the UK Singles Chart yet accumulating intimidating streams on platforms like Boomplay, iTunes, Spotify, and other digital stores available in the UK.

Tom Zanetti's Net Worth
Tom Zanetti performing his song. (Credit: Shirlaine Forrest)

He earns incredibly from music production and rapping, but I can’t tell if he has paid for a snack with his boxing earnings because every regular or average boxer can easily punch the sense out of him if he dares to go for a daring match involving massive cash out.

Tom Zanetti’s Education

Tom Zanetti dreaded school the way the Muslims dread pork. He dreaded the confinement of the classroom the way women dreaded the sight of the snake.

He dislikes the aura of the dormitory the same way a Catholic monk would forbid the brothel and its entire neighborhood.

His formal education history shares the same narrative as that of Bill Gates and Mark Zuckerberg, respectively, without any alteration.

Perhaps we can associate his hatred for education with that of William Blake and the persona in his famous 1789 poem entitled “The Schoolboy”.

Yes, one who’s conversant with the poem will easily see the obvious nexus between Tom Zanetti and Blake’s poet persona, who is depicted as a boy who dislikes the regimented nature of school but has a preference for freedom and individualism, the two major privileges the birds enjoy.

In an interview some time ago, Tom Zanetti established the reasons he never liked school. He spoke extensively so that one could easily identify the anger lurking in his daring eyes.

Education was not for him, and he has made wealth without education; he has seen fortune that school might not have given him, and he has written his name with a golden pen on the sand of days as an iconic DJ, rapper, singer, producer, and boxer all put together.

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Tom Zanetti’s Career

Tom Zanetti is a child of many worlds who has tactics in numerous fields and has experimented with numerous pursuits like a jack of all trades. Djying, also known as Turntablism in Hip-Hop parlance, is his major.

He is a gifted Disc Jockey who understands the rhythm and pulse of the hearts of break dancers.

A DJ who turns the table to compel the cripple to dance and compel the deaf to vibe to the melodious tune of his electronics.

He mixes tapes of seasoned Emcees and makes them sound better than the original records. He earns the ovation of rappers and singers whose songs went viral after passing through Tom Zanetti’s wheels of refinement.

Tom is a rapper but with basic bars that can’t withstand the aggressive penmanship of American rappers like Nas, Eminem, Hov, Kendrick, and Kanye West. He is wired to trap or drop more Drill songs as other of his UK rap contemporaries since the genre is more prevalent there than anywhere in the world.

Tom Zanetti's Career
Tom Zanetti fight (Photo by Joseph Okpako/WireImage)

He should better be seen as a singer or trapper than a rapper because his crafts are mainly enjoyed for their propensity for being well delivered. Yes, he has the cadence and can easily switch flows like a pregnant woman swinging moods at random.

His delivery of songs is as unsteady as a dangling pendulum or a light caftan hanging on electric wires in the heat of summer, where the breeze would always toss and swing effortlessly.

He is good at DJing, producing beautiful songs, and singing, but if talking about his rapping and boxing career is a necessity, then saying he is unfit for those two careers is equally a necessity because he raps like a day-old child and boxes like an old woman suffering from a worn fist.

For rapping, he is the 100 times photocopy of Tupac Shakur, and for boxing, he is 200 times photocopy of Mohammad Ali, both of blessed memory.

Tom Zanetti is only 34, but he has made a name worthy of envy for himself as a successful DJ, music producer, singer, rapper, and boxer who has not earned a trophy in the ring.


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