Patti Labelle’s Net Worth: How Much Has The American Singer Earned Till Now?

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Patti Labelle
BET Awards 2023 (Photo by Paras Griffin/Getty Images for BET)

Patti LaBelle, whose real name is Patricia Louise Holte, was born on May 24, 1994, in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania. She is a professional American actress, singer, and songwriter who is best known for her second solo album, Tasty.

Patti Labelle
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Patti LaBelle has recently gained attention for her tribute to Tina Turner during her performances at the Usher Concert and the BET Awards.

Patti has attributed her tripping during her homage to Tina Turner to having a cold, ruining the moment.

Patti Labelle Early Life

Patricia is the daughter of domestic servant Bertha Holte and club performer and railroad worker Henry Holte. Patricia experienced a largely pleasant childhood, but as she grew older, she became aware that her parents were engaged in an abusive relationship.

Patti Labelle Early Life
Patti LaBelle poses in 1982 in Boston (Photo by Joe McNally/Getty Images)

Patricia has experienced sexual assault at the hands of a family friend. After Patricia joined the local church choir, she developed a passion for music. She continued performing alone two years later after that.

When Patricia was a student at John Bartman High School, she used to take part in talent shows. After winning one of these competitions, LaBelle started a group with her classmates Jean Brown, Yvonne Hogen, and Johnie Dawson.

Patti Labelle Career Beginnings

Patricia’s band quickly gained popularity in the area, but it disbanded after two of the band members moved on in their lives after getting married. Sarah Dash, Cindy Birdsong, and Nona Hendryx were three more members of Patricia’s band Ordettes who eventually auditioned for the local record company Harold Robinson.

Robinson initially had little interest in Patricia since he thought she was too plain and dark for the music business. Patricia signed with Warner Bros. Records in 1971, resulting in the release of their debut album.

Patti Labelle Career Beginnings
(Credit: Marcus Ingram/Getty Images)

In order to create her debut album, Patricia enlisted the help of Chameleon’s producer after signing a solo contract with Epic Records. LaBelle has recorded two songs, Stir It Up and New Attitude, for the Eddie Murphy movie Beverley Hills Cop.

Tasty, Burnin, Gems, Flames, Timeless Journey, The Gospel According To Patti LaBelle, Bel Hommage, and This Christmas are a few of Patricia’s well-known music albums.

Patricia has acted in numerous television shows and motion pictures, including Working, Out All Night, Sing, Idlewild, Mama I Want To Sing, All Of Us, and The Neighborhood.

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Patricia LaBelle’s Net Worth

Patricia LaBelle has an estimated net worth of $60 million, most of which came from her lucrative careers as an actress and musician. Patricia makes an estimated $5 million annually or $0.3 million per month.

Patricia LaBelle Net Worth
Patti Labelle at The Grio Awards 2022 (Photo by Tommaso Boddi/Variety via Getty Images)

Patricia’s income significantly grew from $45 million in 2018 to $60 million in 2023. Patricia receives some of her money through live performances at various events held in renowned venues.

The sales of Patricia’s CDs and music streaming account for a significant portion of her revenue. Patricia’s acting job helps to supplement her income. She also makes additional money by selling her own line of food products, which includes gravies.

Her Other Source of Income

With 1.1 million Instagram followers, Patricia has a sizable social media following that she uses to advertise her acting and music projects and draw audiences to her performances. In order to augment her income, Patricia also engages in brand collaborations on her Instagram profile.

Patricia earns additional money via her 308 K-subscriber YouTube channel. Patricia advertises her new music and everyday activities on her YouTube channel. Patricia has a mansion in Philadelphia, a condo in New York, and a getaway house in the Bahamas.

Patti Labelle Income
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Patricia has financial stakes in a clothing brand and a restaurant chain that help her augment her income. In 1983, Patricia made $500,000 from the sale of her album I’m In Love Again and $1,000,000 from the sale of her albums Nightbirds.

Patricia made $1,000,000 in 1986 from the sale of her album Winner In You and $500,000 in 1991 from the sale of her album Burnin.

In 1994, Patricia earned $500,000 from the sales of her albums Gems and Flame, a total of $1.5 million. From the sales of her CD The Gospel According To Patti LaBelle in 2006, Patricia earned $18,000. Patricia owns two unknown luxury vehicles despite not knowing how to drive.


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