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Mark Worman and his Team
Mark Worman

Living a life of a celebrity is cool, but do you know they are celebrities that are brainy and creative? This is about an American television personality, car enthusiast, and businessman that has gained recognition for his role in the hit reality TV series Graveyard Carz. His name is Mark Worman.

Mark is popularly known for his love for classic cars, his impeccable craftsmanship, as well as his witty humor. But what is Mark Worman’s net worth, and how did he arrive where he is today?

Mark Worman Net Worth
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Who is Mark Worman?

It will interest you to know that Mark is the founder of the reality television show and also a wealthy businessman from America. Born 21 August 1962, in Springfield, Oregon. He owns an auto-body shop that he created.

You might be wondering what the nature of this job is! “Auto-body”? What’s that? Auto-body itself is the outer shell of a car. Are you good now?

Any time you hear Auto-body, just know this is simply a factory or machine shop that bodies for vehicles, as automobiles, even trucks are manufactured, repaired, and so on.

An auto body repair shop is an establishment where problems relating to a car’s exterior and non-moving parts are fixed. This involves common body shop repairs, which include; Car restoration back to its original condition following an accident or collision.

Mark’s Net Worth

Mark has a net worth of $500 thousand dollars. As a reality television personnel on the Discovery channel show Graveyard Carz, which is full of comedy, drama, and some of the most outrageous cars. His show, currently, is in its third season on the Velocity Channel. Read the next section about his early life.

The reality show is his sole source of income, though he had been living just fine even while working as a mechanic at his garage.

Mark’s Early Life

Mark started working in an auto-body shop as a teenager after he dropped out of high school as a result of his father’s death. Mark was just 12 years old in grade when he lost his father. He had to take menial jobs to sustain him.

Mark Worman of Graveyard Carz
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He later graduated from Lane Community College with an associate’s degree in automotive technology after attending Thurston High School.

Subsequently, because of the passion he had for automobiles, he proceeded to establish his own auto-body business, which is one of his great sources of wealth.

Is Mark Worman Married?

I know you have a keen interest in knowing more about Mark Worman’s personal life and married life, but this is yet to be confirmed as the celebrity chooses to keep his wife and marriage away from the public, and as such, we can’t intrude on his privacy.

Never has it been revealed that he ever revealed his wife’s identity or even talked about her on an automotive-themed reality show, not even in an interview.

However, we know nothing is hidden under the sun. Mark Worman, from many sources, is said to have a daughter named Allysa Rose. Allysa, his beautiful daughter, was born in 1991.

Just like her father, she is also a reality TV star and has starred with him in most episodes and seasons of his show, Carz Cemetery. She was present on the show from the very first season. However, she went on hiatus for the next 3 seasons, only returning in the fifth season, and has since been a regular feature on the show ever since.


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