Juvenile Net Worth: The Famous American Rapper

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Juvenile Net Worth
Juvenile Performing on stage (Photo by Scott Legato/Getty Images)

Juvenile, a well-known American rapper whose real name is Terius Gray, has been working in the business for a long time. 

He worked alone and with the label’s group known as Hot Boys during the 1990s and early 2000s, during which time his music amassed an enormous reputation and acclaim. Being Myself, his first album, was published in 1995.

Juvenile Net Worth
Juvenile performs on Stage (Photo by Erika Goldring/Getty Images)

Juvenile released Solja Rags in 1997 after signing with Cash Money. A year later, he released the multi-platinum 400 Degreez, which had some all-time greatest hits, including Ha and Back, That Azz Up. 

The rapper has since released many albums, including The Beginning of The End and Reality Check, a solo effort.

The rapper is well-known for the three singles from his debut album, which include the top hits Follow Me Now and Ha and the song that Rolling Stone named one of the “500 Best Songs of All Time.” Let’s learn how much the juvenile is worth.

What Is Juvenile Net Worth?

It’s estimated that Juvenile has a net worth of roughly $500,000. The rapper, along with B.G., Turk, and Lil Wayne, were all members of the Hot Boyz. He collaborated with Lil Wayne on the track “Hate” off his album 400 Degreez and worked with Mannie Fresh once more.

In 2020, Juvenile launched a furniture company called Made by Juvie, marking his entry into the commercial world. Juvenile and Urban South Brewery recently collaborated to create Juvie Juice, a brand-new flavoured beverage.

Juvenile Net Worth
Juvenile performs at The Chicory (Photo by Peter Forest/Getty Images for Netflix)

At Urban South’s taproom, the rapper promoted the beverage while signing many cans distributed to his admirers. The rapper discussed the recently introduced beverage, claiming that Juvie Juice turned out so well that everyone would want it.

Juvenile reflected on his musical career and shared how he created songs hoping they would appeal to the culture, the youth, and the ladies. This worked to his advantage because it impacted everything from how they dressed to their attitudes.

The rapper humorously advises to write party songs for the women first, and the guys will soon follow when asked for professional advice and what exactly makes his contributions to hip-hop, pop, and popular culture such ageless. 

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Juvenile Wife: Who is She?

The spouse of Juvenile is Shadonna Jones. Although not much is known about Shadonna, it has been said that she is a nurse by trade and would rather avoid the spotlight.

Young Juve is the son of Juvenile and Juvenile. Young Juve mentioned in an early interview that his father was the one who encouraged him to pursue a rap career.

Juvenile Wife
Rapper Juvenile performs onstage (Photo Credit by Nykieria Chaney/Getty Images)

He added that the entire Hot Boy and Country Grammar eras encouraged him to pursue the same path. Young Juve was raised in New Orleans despite being born in St. Louis.

The son of Juvenile acknowledged that he had picked up much of his knowledge from his father, had learned to rap as a child, and that Juvenile always kept things honest with him when he showed him his work.

Rapper Juvenile Biggest Wins

Juvenile, a rapper, was recently recognized with a Congressional Record. Troy Carter, a congressman, assisted the artist in acknowledging the distinction.

The 2023 Louisiana Legislative Session will pay tribute to the rapper and recognize his contributions to music and culture.

Rapper Juvenile Biggest Wins
Juvenile performs at Central Florida fairgrounds (Photo Credit: Thaddaeus McAdams /WireImage)

Juvenile and Mannie Fresh celebrated the significant accomplishment while taking multiple photos inside the Capitol. Along with other musicians, including Jon Batiste and Trombone Shorty, the rapper also taped an episode of NPR’s Tiny Desk show.

A juvenile performance took place at the Howard Theatre. The rapper is having a busy year because he recently released his alcoholic beverage Juvie Juice and is scheduled to play at Essence Fest.


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