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Far Cry 6 Release Date Allegedly Leaked – Developers Announced New Dates

Developed by Ubisoft Toronto, Far Cry is a personal shooter game that is ready for its sixth installment, which people are stoked about. Far Cry 6 will now launch on May 26, 2020, according to a listing on the Microsoft Store. The release date is now visible on the store, where you can also pre-order the game.

The game was set to release with a February 2021 release date, but late in October, on the day of the launch of Watch Dogs: Legion Ubisoft announced that they would be delaying Far Cry 6 as the coronavirus pandemic has impacted its production. Ubisoft wanted to get more time to finish the title and focus o the well-being of their time.

Far Cry 6’s antagonist will be played by Giancarlo Esposito, notably known as playing (Gus in The Breaking Bad game)  as “El Presidente” Anton Castillo who rules the fictional Caribbean island of Yara. He is grooming his son and heir Diego as the future ruler. You get to play as a guerrilla fighter Dani Rojas- man or woman, of your choice – as a part of the revolution to overthrow Castillo’s regime.

This story is parallel to the Cuban revolution, where Fidel Castro overthrew the military dictator Fulgencio Batista. Ubisoft thoroughly studied the Cuban Revolution to develop the story of Far Cry 6 and look. The narrative director Navid Khavari spent a month in the Caribbean island talking to Cuban’s and working on his research for the game.

The game is returned for a tropical setting after Far Cry 3. In an interview with IGN, Khavari explains that they were fascinated with the idea of an island that’s been under a blockade and has old vintage cars, like a living postcard with a modern guerrilla revolution aspect and inflicting chaos on a monolithic power structure which almost felt “fit,” The frozen sense of time which affects the gameplay as screenshots show weaponry upgraded with homemade elements such as a rifle using a laser pointer as the sight for example which give us the real feel of a guerrilla revolution against dictatorship. The types of weaponry available in the game that you get to play with will have the sense of creativity that you expect from a guerrilla movement, which Cuba is famously known for.

Esposito was also inspired by Winston Churchill for the way he portrayed Anton, the dictator in the game, who is ruling over a paradise that doesn’t really know how to make full use of what it offers.

Nothing much is known about the game other than the information mentioned above, which holds suspense as to what Ubisoft will bring to the table as the Far Cry franchise has been one of their biggest franchise.

The Far Cry 6 is set to release on May 26, 2021, on PS4, PS5, Xbox One, Xbox Series S/XM, Stadia, Luna, and PC via Ubisoft+, Ubisoft Store, and Epic Games Store. It is also available for pre-order. Far Cry 6 will be priced at Rs. 3,999 for consoles, EUR 60 (5,280 INR) on Ubisoft Store, and US $44 ( INR 3,300) on Epic Games.