Huw Edwards Net Worth: Wife, Children, Achievements and Scandal

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Huw Edwards Net Worth
Huw Edwards in 2022 (Image: BBC News)

Huw Edwards is known as a Welsh Journalist. He was born on August 18, 1961. As of 2023, Huw is 61 years old.

You’ve probably heard about Huw Edwards as a Welsh Journalist or the mess he got into while working with British Broadcasting Corporation (BBC). Well, it’s not the worse thing that could happen to someone.

Huw Edwards Net Worth
Huw Edwards bags an award (Credit: Google)

Huw Edwards Career

Huw was born on 18 August 1961; presently, Huw Edwards is now sixty-one years old. He is said to have joined the British Broadcasting Corporation in 1984 as a news trainee. Later, he began to present various shows. Huw Edwards has presented many important events. He has held the position of Chief Political Correspondent at BBC News.

Events Covered by Huw Edwards

While working with the BBC, Huw covered major events like Elizabeth II’s Diamond Jubilee, Nelson Mandela’s death, and Prince William and Catherine Middleton’s wedding. Furthermore, he appeared on BBC One, BBC Two, BBC World News, and many others.

Edwards could be seen presenting on other radio and TV shows. He also presented many documentaries and shows.

What Happened to Huw Edwards?

It was gathered that Edwards was suspended on the BBC, and he went off the air earlier this month after the Sun published trending allegations he had paid £35,000 to someone with a drug addiction “since they were 17 years old in return for sordid images”.

Much later, the tabloid backtracked on its implication that Edwards may have committed a strong criminal offense for him to buy pictures when the person was only 17 years old.

The person told the BBC that the key allegations mounted on him were “rubbish.”

Huw Edwards’s Net Worth

The famous Welsh journalist Huw Edwards has a strong net worth of $5 Million as of 2023.

According to many online resources like Wikipedia, Forbes, Bloomberg, etc., the most famous Welsh journalist Huw Edwards estimated net worth is around $5 Million.

Huw Edwards Net Worth
Huw Edwards of the BBC (Credit: Rick Pushinsky/Getty Images)

Huw Edwards has made a successful career being a presenter and a journalist working with British Broadcasting Corporation for a long time. He has made huge money from his salary working with BBC, serving in a high-level position and presenting many shows.

Huw Edwards also makes money from presenting many concerts and events in his career.

Huw Edwards Faces Serious Scandal

Huw Edwards has been named the BBC presenter at the center of a sex scandal that has rocked the nation’s broadcaster.

Huw Edwards, the BBC presenter, was suspended at the weekend after allegations he spent £35,000 to involve in an illegal business with a young person, who was allegedly 17 years old when they started talking online.

The young individual’s mom made strong allegations in the Sun newspaper, which published her claim that payments from the BBC presenter aided her child’s crack cocaine habit.

Who is Huw Edwards’s Wife?

Vicky Flind is Huw Edwards’s wife. She is the one that named her husband a “suspended TV star.” In addition, she said Huw, her husband was “suffering from serious mental health issues” and was receiving treatment in hospital, where he will remain “for the foreseeable future.”

Ms. Vicky Flind was reportedly 28 when she met Mr. Huw Edwards, who was then 30 years old, actively working as a BBC correspondent at Westminster.

How Many Children Does Huw Edwards Have?

Vicky and Huw share five children, all of whom are grown up. Vicky and Huw have three sons, Dan, Sammy, and Amos, and two daughters, Hannah and Rebecca. They got engaged in 1993. Vicky and Huw live in Dulwich, south London.

Huw Edwards with his son Daniel (Credit: Google)

Huw’s Achievement and Awards

The awards listed below recognize Edwards’ contributions to journalism, his impartial and authoritative reporting style, and his commitment to excellence.

1. BAFTA Cymru Award for Best On-Screen Presenter (2000)

2. Royal Television Society Award for Best Presenter (2003)

3. Honorary Fellowship of Cardiff University (2005)

4. Honorary Doctorate from the University of Glamorgan (2007)

5. Honorary Fellowship bagged at the University of Wales Trinity Saint David (2014)

6. Honorary Doctorate from the University of South Wales (2015)

7. Honorary Doctorate from Bangor University (2016)

8. Honorary Fellowship of Aberystwyth University (2018)

9. Honorary Doctorate from Swansea University (2019)

10. BAFTA Cymru Award for Outstanding Contribution to Journalism (2019)

Though Huw Edwards got involved in a severe mess, he has already made a name for working with the BBC, and this will stand sands of time.


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